December 24, 2010

White Dog had gone through the check list. The cold tables were laden with ham and croissants and cheeses and salads. The chafing dishes held vegetable enchiladas, the family mostacolli recipe, tamales, meatballs, and delicious pakoras with mint sauce. The dessert cookies were out (and sampled for freshness)! Gordon (our first visitor) surprised us with a whole turkey breast he had taken from his smoker just a hour earlier....The White Dogs swooned and insisted that it be placed close enough to the edge of the counter that Quinn might be able to reach it (it's Christmas, guys but...no).

Another White Dog, our Nuka Fashionista was in her special Marilyn Monroe party dress.

The luminaria (thanks to Michael's help) were in position and lit.

White Dog Gave the signal and Quinn woofed the announcement to "Let the Annual Endless Christmas Eve Open House begin!"

So all afternoon and evening White Dog did her usual polished job as hostess and TOWD made the rounds to meet and greet all of the guests. We had been warned that Nuka was not good with strangers or groups but we felt she deserved a chance...AWD was great! She charmed everyone with her her party outfit and politely accepted treats and pets. When she got tired, she simply curled up at my feet and rested.

Puff surprised us as well. She did not hide in her crate all evening. SAWD lingered in the hallway, watching and even bravely ventured into the living room a few times to check out the scene (before dashing back to safety).

The crowd came and went, the party flowed. The White Dog Army and Steve and I (and even Michael) had a marvelous time. When the last guests left at 3 am, the pups still had enough energy left to "help" Steve carve the remaining turkey and to nibble a few cookies. Then we all cuddled "Goodnight and Merry Christmas" and went to bed...exhausted but happy.


Teddy Bear said...

What a pawesome day!!! We love the luminaria.

Teddy Bear

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a pawesome night fur all!

The White Dog Army SO knows how to PAWTY!


Brian said...

That looks so pretty with all those things lit up!

Sagira said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day. :)