May 14, 2011

White Dog didn't even leave the car for the usual Saturday walk. We had left Puff (who is halfway, yes only halfway, through her 21 days) in the care of Nuka at home as a safety precaution, so it was just Quinn, YoYoMa and WD. No zoomies, no walk, no marching, nada.

Later, during brushing time, Steve pulled a tick off White Dog's coat. Immediately the herbal tick repellent collars went on everyone. White Dog accepted hers and went behind the chair to lie down. A short time later we heard her scrambling as though she was having difficulty getting up...Steve pulled the chair away and she emerged limping.

I called her over and checked her out thoroughly poking, pushing, extending the leg, looking between toes, pressing for counterpressure. She never flinched or whimpered but her tail seemed limp and muscle-less. She walked timidly. Steve put the leash on her and took her for a walk down the driveway and back. He said there seemed to be no problem and in fact, they had jogged a bit.

Halfway across the living room, White Dog started dragging the same leg and flopped to her belly in front of the kitchen gate. She wet the floor and again had trouble arising.

I had visions of mini-strokes, or Lyme disease, or some neurological horror that I couldn't feel with my fingers. White Dog's ears were flat against her head and she seemed as frightened as I was becoming. It was 8 pm and well past our regular vet's hours; I feared waiting until Monday in case it was something stroke like. We decided to take my Perrito Blanco de mi Corazon to the emergency vet.

SAWD went with for the ride and to make sure there were no shenanigans while we were gone.

We waited in the ER and WD huddled in my arms until finally the tech came out and sat for a pre-exam interview. Then she took White Dog into the back for xrays and and an exam. After another endlessly long interval (really the office was very efficient but it seemed like eons) White Dog was brought back out...or rather came rushing out, straining at her leash, to leap, panting into my arms. "She really hates us," said the woman. "She wet herself and we had to muzzle her."

Our dog? White Dog HATES the vet but NEVER would need a muzzle. We followed the tech back to meet with the vet. Mini-strokes were ruled out as was any kind of neurological disease, and it was felt there were no issues with discs slipping to press nerves. Her kneecap might have popped out and then back in. There was a remote chance that YoYoMa could have brought the correct species of tick with him from Northern California for Lyme disease (that type is not native to NM) but it seemed very unlikely since he had been vetted and flea/tick bathed.

The vet indicated that White Dog did not limp or drag her leg while there so it was tough to diagnose but she was certain what was going on was not life threatening. She suggested that White Dog might be having a reaction to the stress the entire White Dog Army was experiencing (like when a person's back goes out during hellish times at work) or perhaps she had pulled a muscle...the prescription was rest, pampering, quiet, and calm...She is getting lots of attention since we returned and the others seem to understand. We will call Dr. Julia, our regular vet, on Monday, but for now we are pouring on the love and hoping there are no reoccurances.


Teddy Bear said...

What a scary thing to experience, Siku. We are so glad the diagnosis was ok from the Vet. And about that dang muzzle. I have to wear one every time I go to the Vet too.:( We are sending lots of love and prayers and hope that you are already feeling better.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Painter Pack said...

Oh dear! It is always so scary to think something might be wrong and yet, not know! We are sending healing Sibe Vibes and hoping for a full recovery!

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh no that must have been so frightening for you and for poor White dog. That they had to muzzle her was so sad too as that would have added to the stress. Stress is though a funny thing and causes so many problems, perhaps it was stress related and will clear up as soon as it came. I so hope so.Be well little one and I am purring a storm for you.. Hugs GJ x

Brian said...

My sisters and I are sending our best healing purrs to WD, oh my, how scary.

Kari in WeHo said...

how scary! we hope its nothing serious :(


Wyatt said...

Hope she continues to improve. It's so hard to see your dog in pain and not be able to pinpoint the problem to help them.

Wyatt's Mom

Stella said...

White Dog, have these other guys messed with your sensibilities? Thats what it sounds like to me. Iwish you calmer days ahead, operations all around and some good rest!

Cheers and hugs,


Mack said...

Oh my goodness! That was a very scary episode! Maybe she had a reaction to the collar?
We just hope she gets back to her old self ASAP!!!

Healing sugars,

Sagira said...

How scary! I sure hope that she is okay. Please keep us updated and you will all be in out thoughts.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh dear, life needs to get on a better streak at the WDA headquarters. We have our paws crossed that White Dog is OK. That mush have been so scary. Please give her some gentle hugs from all of us.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom

Amber DaWeenie said...

How scary that was. It's happened here too and that ride to the ER seems so long even though it's only 20 minutes away. All paws crossed here that it doesn't happen again.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh white dog,, my thoughts are with you right now. Only you know what causes this pain or fear,, only you know and there is no way to communucate what you feel.
I ask mother earth medicine to help you.
Remember that if you go back to the vet,, they are trying to help you,,, don't be afraid. I am with you.
Your family is concerned,, I am also.

ForPetsSake said...

Just catching up with reading now and I'm hoping that as I go chronologically, this will be just a wild fluke for WD...