May 23, 2011

White Dog was already crabby when when lunchtime rolled around. She hurt and was feeling pretty antisocial. I spoke with Dr. Julia who said that the meds had not yet had time to build up enough to be effective and suggested that in the interim we use Rimadyl to lessen the soreness; we were to pick up the prescription when Steve got home.

WD joined TOWD, AWD, SAWD and YAWD on the chow line waiting for the daily dose of ducky jerky that they always shared as I lunched. I reached to my cart and brought forth...not the familiar purple bag, the grail of jerky...but rather a plain plastic treat jar. Heads swiveled in unison to where the bag normally resides. GADZOOKS! The bag had been stolen! Nuka started a whiny howl and the rest of the WDA squirmed in place. This was not right. "Momma, please find the jerky," their eyes pleaded.

The jar held oven roasted CHICKEN jerky and I opened the lid as I explained that we were temporarily out of duck. YoYoMa almost swooned in the shock. Puff sniffed all around the cart and my chair suspiciously. White Dog moved closer and tapped my leg. "This is PREMIUM chicken jerky," I begged, "we just ran out of time yesterday and did not get to Costco for more duck. I PROMISE we will get some more this week!"

Five noses sniffed the strip I held out and turned their heads in disgust. "It's all I've got," I pressed, "it is either chicken jerky or salmon dog biscuits," scrambling to open the bag of salmon treats to hold one out as well. Still no one moved. "Please!"

Quinn took pity on me and gently took the jerky in his mouth. The others watched as he chewed and swallowed. Then he nosed my other hand for the salmon cookie. When he was finished, he allowed a small wag of approval. White Dog yipped for her share, then took the jerky behind the coffee table where she toyed with it before daintily nibbling it away. YoYoMa shoved his way to the front of the group for his share. The girls, Puff and Nuka, waited and then also accepted the substitute.

Just as I was about to take a bite out of my sandwich, White Dog sat before me and demanded attention. The rest of the WDA closed in around her. "Just WHEN can we expect duck jerky to return to the commissary," the little fluffy general barked? "You know an Army travels on its stomach!"


Kari in WeHo said...

thanks to your gift, we have learned that Big Carl is a duck-a-holic!


Stephen Sehi-Smith said...

What, no duck jerky? OH NO!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Momma is VERY frustrated, dear friends, because for some reason Blogger is not allowing her to leave comments on anyone's Blogger blog tonight. Know we are reading and she has tried all kinds of computer magic stuff but still no luck! :(

Suka said...

*drool.....hey White Dog Army,

*drool.....That is unacceptable! How could your human allow you to run out of duck jerky?! *drool.....

I would never had known the pleasure of duck jerky if it were not for you. :-> So I feel your pain when it is gone. At least your mom had some very tasty substitute treats. But I think you pups need to make sure she stays on top of the duck jerky supply.

Siku Marie, I am sorry you are still feeling pain. Paws crossed the meds start working and you heal. You are in our thoughts!


Teddy Bear said...

Oh the horror! We hope a trip to Costco is in the near future.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Mack said...

Duck Tenders and Salmon Cookies --- Can I come live with you???

Random Felines said...

No jerky - that just isn't right. Mom had someone tell her that she could give some to us cats, but she hasn't done it yet.... Hope yours gets there soon!!

Schnauzer Days said...

Hee hee - we felt your annoyance at the lack of duck jerky chaps! You have to keep working hard at this human training or things can slip, and these sorts of things happen ;-) Dex & Lou x

Remington said...

I think I'll stop by your house for treats! Sounds yummy!

Brian said...

Well, at least it was eventually accepted...not as good as the original duck, but yum anyways!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh wow, they have that duck jerky at Costco??? Mom goes there all the time, we are off to tell her we can now finish the bag you sent us faster because we know where she can get more. She is pretty stingy with the doling out of the duck jerky.

Chicken is OK, WDA, but there is nothing to compare to ducky jerky.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Brian said...

Well at least there was a substitute, could you imagine if there was nothing to be offered up?!?!

KB said...

Thank goodness that you had a substitute! It's funny how set in their ways our dogs become.

I share my fruit smoothie with my dogs every day at lunch. One day, I didn't make enough to share, and I gave each of them a dollop of yogurt instead. Their reaction was similar to your army's reaction to the chicken jerky!

I finally went back and read about WD's neurological issues which started while I was out of town. I am sending positive healing thoughts to her. In humans, I know that many cases like hers resolve by themselves with a little rest. I pray that the same happens for her.

ForPetsSake said...

BAH!! Too funny!
May I give you a quick recommendation? My vet does not give Rimadyl as it can have some nast side effects. There are other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) out there - Metacam, Previcox and Deramaxx - that have fewer dangerous side effects. Maybe you could do a bit of research?