August 7, 2011

White Dog and the rest of the WDA lined up around the bed like they do every Sunday, urging us to move faster in getting ready to go bike riding. I looked at the pups and then at Steve, "I think yesterday's lovefest at the Park got to their heads." "What do you mean? Then he looked. Puff was grooming herself. Quinn was posing to show off his best side (the one without the shaved patch). YoYoMa sat smiling and bobbing his head in a Stevie Wonder impersonation. Nuka wiggy wagged so hard her backend kept swinging out of line. And Her Highness, White Dog? She carried her doggles and laid my pen on the bed (for autographs)!

Steve started to get up and then groaned. "Whoa, I do not feel so good!" He laid back on the pillow. White Dog, moved closer to stand on his chest and goad him into action but she quickly stepped off and sat looking concerned. "Your face is all red," I said reaching to feel Steve's forehead. It was burning hot.

The White Dogs immediately swarmed around Steve switching from playful to concerned in a heartbeat. I got the thermometer and sure enough he was running a fever. "My head is pounding and my legs ache," Steve moaned.

"Well, gang, Alpha Momma decision coming down...no bike ride this morning, dad has the sickies!" A flicker of disappointment passed through each of the WDA but they went into caregiver mode.

Quinn and Nuka and Puff were on the hydration team, helping to set up a cool pitcher of water and a glass on the bedstand. They they sat giving the Eskie stare until Steve managed to drink down an entire glass. Quinn thought a cool cloth on Steve's foreheadwas a good idea.

YoYoMa helped get aspirin and insisted we also give Steve extra Vitamin C. He moved the tissue box closer; the longer Steve was awake the more stuffed up he sounded.

White Dog helped me straighten the blankets around Steve and then laid on them so he would end his protest that he was too hot and that they needed to come off. In compromise, she allowed him to turn the fan on a gentle low setting which blew cool air over his fevered face.

I kissed Steve to silence his list of things that needed to be done today and put the White Dogs in charge of making sure Steve went back to sleep. As I left the room to begin the process making a pot of healing soup, I watched as White Dog stretched against him on the bed. Puff lay at his side next to the bed. YoYo was at the foot. Nuka took the floor on my side and Quinn settled down across the doorway. I smiled knowing all, including Steve, would be asleep in minutes. He was in excellent paws.

Yes, dad has a nasty summer head cold.


ra husky said...

Aw poor Steve! Sending healing huskerboo vibes and thoughts from Wyoming~

RA, Isis & nuknuk

Random Felines said...

Poor Steve. We hope he is feeling better soon.

We tried to post yesterday but the stupid computer didn't like us - but we LOVED the story of your walk in the park!!

Mack said...

Summer colds are the worst. Our mom has at least one every summer. You pups are GREAT nurses!!


Asta said...

What wondewful woggies all you white dogs awe!
I know how escited you wewe about going fow that nice adventoowe, but as oosual as soon as you saw that Steve was not well, youw cawing , loveing side came fowawd instantly.
I know wif all youw nuwsing and vigilance , Steve will beat this howwid summew cold and be well in no time
I'm sending my healing smoochies to be distwibooted evewy half houw

Ginger Jasper said...

Get well soon daddy Steve and I know you are in good hands with the White dad army and mum to take caree of you.. Hugs GJ xx

Brian said...

Many purrs to Steve and we all hope he feels better soon. Not doubt he will with the WDA Nursing Corp!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh we hope Steve feels better soon. He has a great group of nurses to take good care of him.

Mr. Pip said...

Oh no, it is no fun to be sick, especially during the summer. I am sure with the WDA around to help, he will be well in no time.

Your pal, Pip

Teddy Bear said...

He sure is in excellent paws. We sure hope your Dad feels better soon. We're sending lots of hugs and healing vibes.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Kari in Vegas said...

Summer colds are no fun :(


Sagira said...

Sure do hope he is feeling better.