August 8, 2011

White Dog and the others tried to block the door against Steve leaving this morning but Stubborn Dad insisted on going to work. He was still feverish and achy and was leaving against White Dog Army Medical Advice! Half an hour later, he called to tell us he would only be there a half day, "to get the necessary stuff done," and that he would be home in the early afternoon.

White Dog at least waited until I ended the call before saying, "Told him!"

We had already planned an afternoon of Sickie Cooking for Steve and Quinn herded everyone out to the kitchen to get started. "With a stuffed up head, he'll need something spicy," White Dog ordered and suggested something Mexican. "Yes, but it cannot be too heavy. remember he did not have much of an appetite this morning," Puff reminded. "Chickeny!" Nuka shouted... "Veggies!" woofed YoYoMa...and all turned to stare.

Lots of garlic and onions went into the pot...extra Vitamin C. The house started smelling delicious. We cubed some chicken and blistered a few chiles, then we tossed them in to sizzle for a while. The pups were sniffing and demanding chicken samples..."hmmm, another chile"... "maybe some Mexican oregano"...another sample, please..."a touch of red pepper flakes"...perfect!

Next sweet potato chunks went into the pot along with chicken broth. Some diced and seeded tomatoes and corn joined the simmer mix along with some cooked chorizo. We let that cook for a while and sat in the living room savoring the aromas. "Dad is going to LOVE this," White Dog proclaimed.

We were just stirring in the spinach and mushrooms when Steve walked through the door. The White Ones steered him right to the bedroom where he fell into bed. Aspirin and a tall glass of water took the last of his energy but before he fell asleep he mumbled, "something smells really good!" The WDA wagged in appreciation and took up their positions. Puff licked his hand and said "its dinner, Dad!" but got only a reflexive ear scritch in response.

As a surprise, while they watched over Steve, I cooked up the rest of the chicken in broth with some sweet potatoes for the pups to share at Sickie Dinner.

A couple of hours later, Steve enjoyed his soup with some salty scratchy crisp tortilla chips; the WDA had soup and kibble.

P.S. Happy World Cat Day to all of our special feline friends! We hope your day is full of cool stuff that you kitties like to do and eat! Know we love and respect you. Viva la difference!


Kari in Vegas said...

we hope steve gets all better soon


Mack said...

You guys are taking care of your dad so good! I know he really appreciates it!

Get well soon Dad!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Nothing like a homemade bowl of hot chicken soup to help fight a bad cold. We all hope Steve is doing much better now. With all the wonderful human and canine care, it couldn't be otherwise.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Amber DaWeenie said...

Homemade chicken soup. What could be better.

Hope Steve is feeling better today.

Remington said...

Nothing better than homemade soup when you aren't feeling well....hope he feels better really soon!

Brian said...

Soup AND the WDA Nursing Corp! Steve will feel better in no time!!!

24 Paws of Love said...

We can smell it from here! Sounds wonderful. Hope Steve is feeling better real soon. We love leftovers!!

Sagira said...

It sounds like you guys always have the best meals. Yum!

Bailey Be Good! said...

Sending lotsa puppy well wishes for Steve! Hope he's better soon! :)

Happy Tuesday woofs & hugs <3,

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)