August 9, 2011

White Dog said, "Really? This ragtag bunch? Do you really think you are going to get us to line up in a neat row like the von Trapp kids and step forward one at a time to speak a greeting? Are YOU feverish?"

"Give me a chance, White Dog! Everyone is very smart and you all already line up for duck jerky!" She sat proudly, "Boy, are you a glutton for disappointment!" "As you always tell me, White One, have faith!"

I gathered The Other White Dog, Another White Dog, Still Another White Dog and Yet Another White Dog front and center, then looked pointedly at WD to join us. She sighed. I opened the famous purple bag and instantly had everyone's attention. "You all must sit," I gave the familar command that lands every bottom on the ground without fail. Tails were wagging. I broke off little pieces and passed them out. "Good job!"

"All right, White Dog first, come!" I indicated a spot closer to me in front of the others. WD came and I rewarded her; but the others instantly moved forward to receive their treat. "No, I asked for WD," I gently said making everyone get back in line. We repeated this half a dozen times before everyone sat in position while White Dog moved forward. All were rewarded for this fine work. I put WD back in line with the others.

Everyone sat in anticipation. White Dog responded on cue and the others stayed in place! Eureka!

Tomorrow we will practice what we did today and maybe move on to calling out another pup. I know the training will take some effort but look forward with delight to the time when, like the Julie Andrews miracles in the movie, our White Dog Army will, one-by-one, step forward with confidence, greet the world and then blend back into our pack in perfect rhythm and harmony.

P.S. Steve is feeling much better today. Still on aspirin and headachy, but definitely on the road to Wellville!


Stella said...

I can do that! I can step forward,sit, get my treat, and then get back down. Its only me here that is in line, but me, I can DO IT!


Teddy Bear said...

Training and treats sound like the pawfect way to spend the day.:) We're so glad to hear that Dad is feeling better. Wellville, here he comes!

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

Thanks a lot! grrrr....You just gave my human a "Eureka!" idea to start using the amazingly deliciously wonderful duck jerky as training treats. Humph!

Our bag from you just arrived today! I was so happy! I have already had about six of them. Just 'cuz! That is what I love about my human, she throws me treats anytime "just 'cuz!" But now, after reading your post, she wants to start training me with the duck jerky. *sigh...I suppose it is O.K. I am a Working Breed after all. :->

It is all good!

Thank you for the duck jerky!! My human completely forgot about it. Can you imagine?!? Unreal. I bet she would not have forgotten if it were dark chocolate truffles. BOL!


p.s. when we meet we can compare training progress. ;->

Amber DaWeenie said...

Training is tough....WDA patience is tougher! BOL

Brian said...

I know the WDA can do it, especially when treats are involved!

Random Felines said...

"glutton for disappointment" - we are going to have to borrow that if you all don't mind. MOL

Sounds like a wonderful new skill the WDA is learning - we know you will have is mastered in no time!

Remington said...

Training and treats work for me REALLY well! Happy to hear the Wellville is in sight!

Wyatt said...

Okay, now you need to get out the video camera...this is GOOD stuff!!
So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu.......BOL

Wyatt and Stanzie

Kari in Vegas said...

Oooo that sounds like it will be a great trick for the whole family!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

That would be one very big accomplishment. Mom can get us all to sit and stay together, but not so sure we would move forward one at a time if she has that famous purple bag at hand:)

Great job, WDA - we are impressed.

Good to hear Steve is doing better.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Sagira said...

Glad to hear that Steve is feeling better. Hope he is back to new by tomorrow.

Training does take time but it really pays off in the end. :)

Ginger Jasper said...

You can do it and I have every faith. Hope Steve is back tip top soon.. HUgs GJ x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love to hear you are all learning! Your all so smart!
Treats help a lot!