November 11, 2011

White Dog shares Steve's love of numbers and their weird significances. Both were VERY excited that today was 11.11.11. A unique date like this occurs only one time every one hundred years, they informed the rest of us as we woke this morning. It is considered the "luckiest day" of the century. At this news, YoYoMa rushed to put his paw on his bully stick and wish for a "loaves and fishes" miracle.

Numerologists, Freemasons, occult groups and psychics see 11 as a master number, and a triple master number is seen as extra powerful. For decades, 11:11 has resonated with people focusing on the numbers when they see them on digital clocks.

Ellie Crystal, an author, psychic and metaphysical explorer, said she and her students in a class on the 11:11 phenomenon will 'tune into global energies that began on the other side of the world and domino here to New York City.' Crystal and others see 11:11 as a pre-encoded trigger, an 'awakening code' that could elevate consciousness. 11:11 fans have taken to social media to promote Friday happenings such as dances, prayer ceremonies and oneness events in dozens of countries. Numerologists claim that 11 is 'an aspirational number which has extremely uplifting energy,' making today 'a very good day for negotiation and making peace.' (ANY day is a good day for making peace, the WDA maintains).

The date is truly exceptional because 11.11.11 is the only double-figure palindromic date, since there is no 22nd month. The last time it happened, on November 11, 1911, an almost supernatural event saw temperatures drop by more than 60F in a single day. This was the Great Blue Norther, a cold snap which hit the U.S. causing blizzards and tornadoes as well as record falls in temperature. In Kansas City, it was as warm as 76F (24C) in the morning - but this had dropped to 11F (-12C) by the end of the day.

With that in mind, perhaps the group which is taking the day in its correct spirit is the Corduroy Appreciation Club, which has anointed 11.11.11 as 'The Day That Most Resembles Corduroy' because it is made up of straight lines.

Puff had been shaking her practical Kansas head for a while during the discussion. "This is just apophenia," she said sternly. "Get a grip!" White Dog growled a warning at her impertinence but was interrupted by Quinn asking, "What?"

"Apophenia, is the reason you are trying to ascribe significance to 11.11.11. Apophenia is the urge to find patterns in seemingly random data." Puff concluded. "It is why lottery sales today with the numbers 111111 set records, I bet."

"We just think it is fascinating the way mere scratches of lines and curves, numbers, have developed an aura and mystery beyond representing a count of things," White Dog defended herself and Steve. "It is kinda cool the fuss humans make over the strangest things."

"Yeah, well, I am STILL going to believe it is my lucky day!" YoYo muttered. "And when I am right, you will have to BEG me to share!"

REMINDER FROM THE ESKIE COUNTDOWN CLOCK: The Third Annual Worldwide Moment is 11:00pm GMT on November 14th...THREE days from today. In our time zone (Mountain Time) The Worldwide Moment occurs at 4pm.


Jacqueline said...

We always enjoy your fun, conversational posts!...We hope you all are happy and well...Beautiful Maruku's story is such a heartwarming inspiration=we are grateful she was rescued and reunited with her loving family...Blessings and much luck to adorable Buddy=we hope he finds a lucky family to love and adore him asap...Have a wonderful weekend, precious friends, sending you all big hugs and lots of love...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Everybuddy. We will never forget 11.11.11 cause we had to go to the Vets. I had my silly old tumour removed and me and Rory had other bits and pieces taken out. We are fine so it must be a lucky date for us. Hope your weekend is great. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Brian said...

That was so interesting! In honor of that special day yesterday I took 11 naps of 11 minutes each. I wore me out!

Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

11.11.2011 was pretty cool! But I bet 11.11.1111 was even more fun! :->

Unfortunately, nothing exciting happened in my neck of the woods. Except I slipped out of my collar again for a fun run around the neighborhood. :->

Hope you pups had fun! And thanks for all the very interesting information. Love learning all this cool stuff.


KB said...

I tried to notice the instant when it was 11:11 AM and PM but I missed both of them. Very cool.

I love Suka's comment about the year 1111!!!!

Sagira said...

I know there were a lot of weddings on 11/11...wonder how many?