November 12, 2011

White Dog and The White Dog Army lamented the fact that Steve had to go to work AND that it was a grey stay in bed and read a book kind of day...plus I had a project due and spent the day chained to the computer.
Ever accepting Quinn took advantage of a chance for a brief walk with Steve before he left for school.
Puff humored me by wearing a sweater, although not happily. Our SAWD's fur seems thin this winter (maybe it is just her age) and she shakes when she comes in from the cold. I asked her to try my solution and she reluctantly agreed.
Nuka posed on the blankets, looking happy and content, as Steve gathered images to use for her Gotcha Day post on Monday.

YoYoMa got in a little up close and personal time with a bone he found. This was even better than chewing the beak off the stuffie duck which had occupied him up until this point.
And White Dog? She watched over the WDA, of course!

REMINDER FROM THE ESKIE COUNTDOWN CLOCK: The Third Annual Worldwide Moment is 11:00pm GMT on November 14th...TWO days from today. In our time zone (Mountain Time) The Worldwide Moment occurs at 4pm.


Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

Cute post and adorable photos! You pups are very creative when it comes to ways to spend your days. YoYoMa, so furry happy you found a bone to chew. Alone times with bones are great! :->

Puff, you look very comfy and cute in your pretty blue sweater! You are smart to want to stay warm.

Hope your Sunday is just as fun!


Brian said...

Hey, this isn't breaking news, because everyone knows...but y'all are adorable!

Kari in Vegas said...

Sounds exactly like what we would do on a grey day

Stop on by for a visit!

Shane Kent Louis said...

You really look good at that post, and you look really have fun on sunday it's been a great weekends right!

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Sagira said...

Loving all the photos. What a cute video, someone enjoys their bone. :)