November 18, 2011

White Dog and Quinn looked like members of the audience chosen to become contestants. They rushed to the front door, slipped out just a hair's width ahead of Puff and scratched impatiently at the porch door as Steve secured leashes for their car trip. It was SPA DAY!

Meanwhile Puff, Nuka, and YoYoMa crowded around the door throwing "those" faces at Steve in hopes of guilting him into letting them into the Golden Circle. "Puff, you get to go for a ride all by yourself later," I told our littlest girl. "Why don't you go watch from White Dog's window perch and enjoy the freedom a bit?"

When Steve returned it was Another White Dog's turn for some special attention. Again taking advantage of White Dog's absence, Nuka received Chez Steve's complete body massage and brushing...ON the bed! She rolled. She shimmied. She delighted in the luxury and Steve's total focus. AND there were treats at the end while Steve cleaned up the mountain of hair left on the bed covers.

White Dog come in as soft as an angel's breath and smelling as freshly sweet as May. Most times WD feels like an Angora kitten but right after grooming she is as silky as the finest cashmere...you just want to press tightly against her fur. She usually allows me 15 minutes or so to get my "fix," then she becomes impatient and demands her independence. This is the time when I must beg her not to go outside into the yard and roll. Today (with my once again postponed much needed haircut) I looked pathetic enough to convince her to skip the "Ungrooming."

Quinn came back, handsome and bright white, and invigorated to puppiness. He did zoomies in the house and then the yard. He danced with his sisters; he almost played with Yo (Steve stepped in thinking that it might not be a good idea lest Yo get equally carried away and take things too far). Just to be safe, we rewarded our unnaturally enthusiastic boy and gated him in the office while we took Puff for her ride...

...to the Vet. Puff started shaking and refused to get out of the car (both she and WD have this reaction...could it be a Kansas born thing?). She rode in on my lap for her one year wellness exam. She has once again developed the lung congestion that plagued her all last winter and we are thinking it might be a seasonal thing). Because of her previous history of heartworm and her resulting pulmonary damage Dr. Julia is extra cautious. She took an x-ray of the lungs (congested) and did a blood panel (perfectly fine). The bonus was the doctor's orders to "add a little fat" to her very lean diet. Seems our girl has such good eating habits that she needs a little more indulgence in order to keep her skin and coat at their best. Puff was very glad to get back in the car and head toward home.

YoYoMa could wait no longer and burst out of the door the second we opened it. He made it clear by jumping on the blue door that it was HIS turn! Steve handed me Puff, unsnapped her leash, snapped it on YAWD and headed out for the run which our big boy had been anticipating for so long. I know it was a great adventure for Yo walked back inside, threw himself on the floor and rolled in happiness. Then he grabbed yellow duck and gave it to Steve as a "Thanks."

Tomorrow is Puff''s Gotcha Day. Please stop by to wish a Happy #1 to Puff the Magical, Still Another White Dog!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

No matter what,,, vet visit never seem to be much fun,,, but to have someone say to feed more fat?
Well , I say Happy Day!

Brian said...

Well my vet never told me to gain some weight! Y'all sure had a great day!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

My gosh, it sounded like a very busy day at your place. Glad all went well at the Vets too. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Sagira said...

We will be sure to stop back to wish Puff a Happy Gotcha day. We read this on someone elses blog to. :)

ForPetsSake said...

There's nothing like one on one time with each of the kiddos. It's funny how they learn to anticipate what's coming next and how very unfair it is to have to wait their turn!

Kari in Vegas said...

ah I need a spa day :)

Stop on by for a visit