December 12, 2011

White Dog, The Other White Dog, Another White Dog, and Still Another White Dog have had experience with the snowballing pace of activity at our house as the Christmas holiday draws closer and closer. Our family is not one to stretch out and leisurely organize the season's approach starting after Halloween; rather the frenzy starts right around the beginning of December as we begin shopping and preparing for our annual Christmas Eve Open House.

We traditionally do not even put up our Christmas tree until the morning of Christmas Eve when we ritually enact the calling of friends. Our tree is entirely decorated by ornaments given to us by friends. Most of them are handmade and in some way represent the giver of the ornament. There are no lights. Our quilted tree top angel has only one wing to remind us that we have to work hard every day to earn those feathers. The White Ones gather around and nose the box as we hold the ornaments one-by-one to the light and remember aloud who it was from.

While it is still a bit early, those boxes have come out of the storage shed and more boxes have arrived from delivery people (gifts that have been ordered). Each is greeted excitedly and sniffed thoroughly when it comes into the house.

All of this is brand new to YoYoMa, Yet Another White Dog, who only joined our family this summer and who is a bit frightened but mostly fascinated by the goings on. At points he gets so excited that he just spins in circles, not knowing where to sniff or poke.

Today Steve and I began gathering together the boxes that will be filled with gifts and mailed to friends all across the country. The living room was a sea of empty boxes into which we were sorting items by destination. The White Dog Army, of course, supervised. They formed a conga line of snoofering and pawing as they moved from box to box as Steve added or moved gifts. Next we will wrap and tag the gifts in each box before we seal it with love, sprinkle it with Christmas magic and send it to the Post Office to be whisked to its new home under some distant tree.

But for now, it is duck jerky time and everyone is ready for a nap and we all want to take advantage of this cold dark rainy day to fit in a bit of blustery weather cuddling.


Random Felines said...

You have an entire living room full of empty boxes???? OMC - we are on our way over to visit!!!

We love how you decorate the tree - that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day!

meowmeowmans said...

We love your tree decorating ceremony ... it sounds wonderful!

And we agree with our pals at Random Felines ... just how do you manage to resist all those empty boxes??? :)

Kari in Vegas said...

Duck jerky can sooth all

Stop on by for a visit

Amish Stories said...

Thought id leave a comment on your blog and say hello. Richard from an Amish settlement in Pennsylvania.

Amish Stories said...
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Brian said...

Sounds like a whole lotta fun about to happen and Santa loves that White Dog Army!

Amber DaWeenie said...

I wonder what's really going on in YoYoMa's mind right now since he can't see what's happening!


Sagira said...

Wow...I am SO sorry I have been away for so long. I am trying to catch up on my favorite blogs tonight so be prepared for LOTS of comments. haha.
Mom has been working OT and it has been raining Weims with the rescue so she hasn't had much time to help me leave comments.