March 19, 2012

White Dog hopped up next to me and asked, "Momma, what do lambs like to eat?" ""I don't know, Baby Girl, oats, clover, fresh grass. Thinking of trying to raise your own lamb shanks?"

"Actually, I was thinking that it we left some treats the March lamb would come a little sooner," she said. The winds died into sleet and freezing temperatures last night and today the streets are confettied in the pretty white and pink petals that were, until the storm, on flowering trees all over town. Our flowering plum, protected in the nook of the courtyard, survived pretty well so we can still enjoy a small breath of Spring; the emerging tulips were beaten into the ground. Some homes are still without power as the they work to repair downed lines and toppled street lights.

Even White Dog Ranch was not spared as the Army and Steve inspected the premises this morning. The shade cloth that covers our deck is torn and will need replacing. The agility A-frame and cat-walk are uprooted. Even the ladder to the roof was blown down; Steve put it back in place and climbed up to make sure the solar panels were all OK (they are).

And as if the weather's wildness was not lion-ish enough, we have had to practically leash YoYoMa (who is fixed) to keep him away from poor retired breeder Puff who is now in heat. At 14 years old and with the pulmonary/heart issues caused by her previous heartworm, the vet has recommended that we leave her intact. YAWD, neutered when he joined the WDA last year, is still a randy boy. He is drving poor SAWD to distraction unless she hides in her crate of clings to Steve, who tells Yo, "This is MY girl!"

Perhaps, too, the Lamb will bring a sense of calm gentleness and peaceability. Ironically, returning to school with classmates from press conference our Mayor gave which proclaimed March 19th "Spread the Word to End the R Word Day," Michael and his developmentally challenged classmates were taunted and a soda was thrown from a passing car at them. The special day was meant to call for an end to bullying and to stop the exclusion of the intellectually and developmentally disabled. Apparently not all beasts have shaggy manes and roar.

And if we can ask the Lamb one more favor as this month ends, we ask for peace and strength to those brave Warriors fighting the c monster, alongside loved ones and in their own bodies. The White Dog Army joins with all of the energy of the Universe on this special day to focus on ending the monster's reign of terror that has taken too many too soon and broken too many hearts. Our prayer: Bring us closer to the day when cancer.touches.no one. Walk beside us and help in every way you can to make a cancer-free world a reality.

With the help of the WDA, WD and I left a symbolic treat of honey and oatmeal cookies for March's lamb on our doorstep in hopes that it hurries to town.


Brian said...

I think someone must have fed our lamb here because it is nice and happy. Tell Michael to ignore the bully humans and when they roar just think of all his pals who admire and respect him. Hugs to Michael and to sweet Puff too.

Jo's World said...

Cheers to Michael for holding his head up high and ignoring the baddies!

I think you might have sent us a little of your wicked weather. We had a very windy day today, then rain, and now more rain.

Better shape up by tomorrow when Spring begins!

cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Nola said...

Go Michael! Stay strong, we love you! Poor Puff
Dachshund Nola

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Stay strong Michael!!

And we stand with you on World Cancer Day

Mr. Pip said...

As Brian said, Michael has many admirers from around the globe. I hope he knows that and can forget about a few cowardly bullies.

haopee said...

Poor YoYoMa. It's just so wrong. Well, it's a good thing he ended up with you guys. What happened to his Momma?

Does the March Lamb have a number? Perhaps we could call em to drop by your place.

We've also been experiencing intermittent rains. The weather is definitely messed up.

Still, I hope all is well in your home. Physical fixes are easier to accomplish than emotional ones.

LOL, WD is sooo smart.

Huggies and Cheese,


Suka said...

hey WDA,

Hang in there Puff, Yo Yo Ma can't help himself. It is just Nature!

Sorry you are being bombarded with tough weather. I had strong rain and loud thunderstorms all day and evening, with more on the way. Silvius tore out yet another screen on the window trying to get in the house even though the humans were gone. At least you pups are well behaved during your bad weather. ;->

Sorry about the incident with Micheal. There will always be a few bad apples but all the good people make up for it. Stay strong, Micheal! You are doing so great, don't let the negative people upset you. :->

Hope tomorrow - the first day of Spring - is much better.


Teddy Bear said...

Be strong, Michael. We are so sorry.:( Oh, Puff, we hope you can hide out from YoYo.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

bichonpawz said...

The weather has been very strange all over the place...glad you got through it! Our prayers will continue for those who are stricken with cancer.
Jeanne with Chloe and LadyBug

KB said...

We had the crazy winds too. They were so crazy that my friend's horse knocked down a gate and ran away. I spent yesterday morning searching for "a horse wearing a blue coat" - which made me laugh, as if there was a horse with a red coat running around out there too!

I thought that yesterday was a cancer day but I searched the net and I couldn't find mention of it. I'm glad that you were on top of it!

Cancer sucks.

KB said...

Also, I am appalled that people would have been so mean to Michael and his classmates. I hope that he is holding his head high today. There are bad people in the world but the majority are good.

Random Felines said...

mean people suck....you can quote us on that!!! Ivy is sending Michael and his classmates extra kisses to be brave in the face of stupidity!

our weather was scary on Sunday, but has been VERY warm since then. we are either going to bake in July or get a foot of snow. MOL

Remington said...

Way to go Michael!

Ginger Jasper said...

I am sorry that you are having such awful weather aand hope it calms down soon. Poor lamb to be encumbered so at her elderly age it must be such a trial for her and I hope the season ends real soon for all concerned. Michael ignoring is the best form of defence even if it is hard. You have come so far since we first read about you arriving, dont let the ignorant spoil it.. Hugs GJ xx

Asta said...

I hope sweet white doggies that youw kind and gentle lambie comes.
Mommi and i awe so sowwy to wead of the damage the weathew bwoubht, but even sowiew to heaw of the nastyness and cwuelty of some childwen
Mommi of couwse fowgot to put that bootiful wowld banew up, but know that we awe wif you , holding paws and hands in ouw fight
Sending you soft spwing bweezes and sunshine and hope
Smoochie kisses