March 18, 2012

White Dog said, "Wow, momma! The minute you stopped celebrating and turned March back over to the World, nature has been protesting!" WD was referring to the gale force winds that ripped through the city most of the day knocking down store signs and trees and creating sheets of blinding blowing sand so dense that roads were temporarily closed.

The White Dog Army looked magnificent on maneuvers with furs whipping in the wind and floof at full fluff factor. Poor Steve had pulled his hood tightly around his face and hunkered into his sweatshirt as he bravely marched along. White Dog, leashless, rippled across the grass like the personification of zephyr itself. We took photos but every shot was blurred by the waves of dust and constant movement.

The balmy Spring temperatures we have enjoyed during the past week disappeared in a mere two hours as the degrees slid downward to the forties. The car shook as the WDA and I waited for Steve to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy. We dashed for the house and its relative quiet and warmth the moment Pumpkin rolled to a halt.

"When you said things were going to change after we finished celebrating, was this what you meant?" asked YoYoMa who likes the howling noises least of all.

"No YAWD, this I did not even consider. I was referring to the fact that the semester break for dad is now over. Starting Monday, he is back to work everyday...with a new schedule. His very late nights will be on Monday and on Thursday, let's be glad they are no longer back-to-back. Some things will remain the same. Friday is still our Saturday. And now dad is only teaching in the mornings on Saturdays so we will be able to do things in the afternoons. And of course we have Sundays from dawn until we go to bed. This quarter is a very good schedule, eh?"

"The best schedule would be to have dad home all of the time," WD responded, "But I guess until we magically win millions of dollars, we have to pay for the kibble somehow. Thanks dad!"


Nola said...

Hope the awful weather clears up for you!
Dachshund Nola

Suka said...

hey WDA,

Your wind sounds wild! Glad you are all safe and cozy in your home and did not blow away when you went on your walkie! I have been having strong wind here as well but nothing as strong as yours. Hope the calm comes back so you have a good week with your dad's new schedule. It would be great to have our humans home 24/7 but you pups are right, someone has to make the money to buy the duck jerky!! drool......


Amber DaWeenie said...

I think maybe you should all start the pawty again and maybe the bad weather would go away. :o)

Random Felines said...

hopefully the bad weather cleared out fast - we suspect sand in the fur of the WDA is tough to get out....

Brian said...

That windy stuff doesn't sound like fun, but winning a million dollars does!

Ginger Jasper said...

Wow sounds like you had that weather rough and I hope it has eased for you now..Hugs GJ xx

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Mr. Pip said...

Mother nature is not happy with us ...all this mixed up weather. It is still 80 here! We are supposed to have your wind and 40 degree temps!

Your pal, Pip