June 23, 2012

White Dog and Yet Another White Dog stood for review by Quinn, Nuka, Puff and Oso. Quinn straighted WD's collar. Puff licked a errant cowlick into place on YoYoMa's ruff and Oso gave his breath a good sniff. "Do us proud," Nuka yipped as the White Dog Ambassadors went out of the door headed for a day of spreading the word that cancer.touches.everyone and about our Walks to End Cancer.

Boofy's Best for Pets was celebrating their second anniversary with a party and we had been invited to share the word about the hope of comparative oncology and the work 2MillionDogs.org does to fight for a day when cancer touches no one...evermore. WD and YAWD, to put it bluntly, were our lures. People will hurry by a table full of information especially when they see the word "cancer;" perhaps it is the believe if you don't acknowledge something it can't touch you; perhaps it is a fear of being "hit up" by yet another charity.

BUT no one can resist the smiling white face of YoYoMa at his silly friendliest or walk past the melting dark eyes of White Dog as she tilts her head and draws the unwary into a conversation while they scratch her silky ears. And then, suddenly, we can talk about past pups who have been been warriors or aunties who died from the disease...and they understand...and they care. Most importantly, they walk away from our table with a card of warning signs, and a reminder card to come to Walk with us in September to fight the beast. The last word as they turn to go is the "See You There" woof from the White Dogs...just to burn the commitment into their hearts.


Brian said...

I can totally understand how nobody can resist the sweet smiles! Such a wonderful cause too!

Faith Shen said...

That is a great event and I'm sure we will see a lot of our paw friends on that party.

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Nola said...

I couldn't resist them!

Jo's World said...

A wonderful Brother/Sister Act! I'd love to run into them anywhere.