June 24, 2012

White Dog and YoYoMa took a much deserved day of n&n (napping and noshing) after Saturday's ambassador duties at the 2MillionDogs Event. Quinn, Nuka, Puff and Oso were more than glad to step into the supervisory shoes as Steve and I caught up on house projects and sorted things for next week's Yard Sale.

Nuka is relentless when it comes to uncluttering and was the perfect helper as Steve brought up knick knacks and decorating accessories long ago packed away in the basement for review. Every time Steve paused, sentimental, over an item, Another White Dog prompted him with "Really? It has been living in the basement! Let it go!" Thanks to her, the Sale pile is bigger meaning more money for the Walks to End Cancer...and we have moved closer to our goal of simplifying our household.

Lying at my side in front of the books shelves and next to the stack of books on the floor, Quinn was able to not only remind me which books I already read, but what I thought of them, and offered an opinion as to whether or not the work was worth keeping for a future reread or share. "Remember, momma that was the story about the girl who was born to be a donor for her sister with leukemia? It was a good read and thought-provoking about the issues, but you thought they totally cheesed out at the end. Donate it!" "Don't give away The Watchers, I LOVE that story about the genius dog!" No more stack on the floor and quite a few volumes to go out for someone else's Summer reading.

Back and forth from front porch to driveway, Puff followed Steve as he carried out and spread dusty trinkets and vases. He pulled out the hose and attached the car washing nozzle and screwed on the soap dispenser. Puff checked to make sure all of the connections were tight and that all of the items on the driveway were securely spaced far enough apart. Then together, they first wet with a gentle mist, then soaped, then rinsed all of the pieces. Still Another White Dog pranced amid the sparkling goods making sure that each piece was now clean...a couple of times, she drew Steve over to look at a chip and dip bowl that had wax on the edge or to see that a vase had a crack and should be put in the recycling bin. Once all had dried, they together packed everything conveniently in preparation for the weekend's set up.

Oso held down the posterboard as I used thick fragrant markers to announce, "Yard Sale" and "Everything $1 unless Specially Marked" and "Bake Sale." Every so often OAWD was gently relocated from one side of the board to the other so that the writing could continue but never once did a board flap or fly away as I worked. When my living floofy paper weight began to snore, I took the opportunity for a small break myself, and made sure Steve and all of the helpers had cold beverages and a salmon treat...which woke up not just Oso but also drew White Dog and YoYoMa to check out what was happening.

By the end of the afternoon, all were very tired and MORE than ready for come cheese and crackers as a reward. Great job, White Dog Army...and Steve!


Mr. Pip said...

A yard sale! I love a good yard sale. The White Dogs sound like very good helpers! Maybe they should become professional organizers. I hear it is a very popular career!

Your pal, Pip

Sankissjuice said...

Nice story. Wish you have some photos of them in action to show us how amazingly hard they worked. Kudos to the white dog army ;)

I'll be back,

Brian said...

I was worried for a minute, I thought you were selling your yard!

Teddy Bear said...

Yard sales are always so fun.:) And a day full of N&N sounds refreshing. We can't think of a better reward than cheese and crackers.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Nola said...

You have more determination then I do! I can never get rid of books, and I love the look of a overstuffed bookcase
Nola's Mom

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Maybe you could come help me organize a garage sale here at my house!

Sagira said...

I love yard sales. :)

Kari in Vegas said...

somehow I can see my pups saying "keep it all"

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