July 19, 2012

White Dog came bustling back into the bedroom and crawled under the chair. Through my half sleep I could hear her skooching all the way to the back against the wall. Still with covers pulled up and eyes closed, I next heard Steve in the hallway quietly calling her to come for her walk. It was like the Doppler Effect in reverse as he moved closer and then stood in the doorway. "Come on, Baby Girl, let's go! It is time for your walk!" he stage whispered. There was no response from under the chair. He begged a few more times before getting down on his hands and knees to peer under the chair (I could not resist a peek)! "Siku! Come! Let's go!" became "I am serious. I am the Master! You must obey me!" I could hear the others come in and assess the situation before leaving but I heard nothing from White Dog. She was obviously not impressed.

Finally, in frustration, Steve left the room carrying the leash with him. He returned a couple of minutes later and prepared to take a shower. This is the point when WD squiggled out from under the chair, jumped up on his leg pawing him in excitement and trotted off to wait on the leashing chair in the front room.

I could no longer remain silent. "Seems you have been summoned, oh Master!" I said giving him a push with my foot. He mimed suffocating me with the pillow until YoYoMa let out a soft growl. "You better go before you get hurt," I laughed. YAWD grunted, circled and resettled. WD came in impatiently to see what was holding up her walk. Steve sighed and pulled on his shoes again.

Then I heard the front door close.


Faith Shen said...

what a great day you have daisy, I'm sure that you have a great during your morning walk!

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Teddy Bear said...

Walkies are a must!:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Random Felines said...

at least we know who is in charge over there (and it surely isn't Steve....hahaha)

Brian said...

Army of White vs Army of one!

Kari in Vegas said...

ha that is so Big Carl

Stop on by for a visit

Ginger Jasper said...

That made me smile so much. Siku you have dad just where you want him.. MOL.. Hugs GJ xx

Sagira said...

I think someone is showing Steve who is truly in charge, BOL

Karen Jo said...

I guess we know who is in charge at your house. Grin.

Cotton said...

what a smart dog! no owner can look at our longing faces!!

meowmeowmans said...

LOL! Way to show the mom and dad who is in charge, Siku. :)

Have a great weekend, dear friends!