July 28, 2012

White Dog handed Steve the tickets for Arabella, tonight's opera by Strauss. "Last opera of the season," she said as she laid on top of my wrap so bit of the White Ones traveled with me. "I hope you have a wonderful time," she added, "but we are all glad that this is the LAST one...we miss you too much on Saturday nights."  "We will be home late, it is a long one, My Heart," I replied, " but we will bring smoked salmon and chicken stuffed with apricots home to you." Stay and let's eat them now," Puff  suggested. I kissed her on the head and shook my head. "When we return."

Some Saturday odds and ends...

YoYoMa loves to sleep under his portrait, taken when he first joined the White Dog Army. Notice how much healthier his coat is now. "He is SO vain," WD huffed.

Little Oso has become an interior decorator in the office. When Quinn first moved in with us, he chose to sleep in Steve's closet in the office. He was displaced when Nuka took over the spot for herself. We eventually replaced the little rug that Quinn pushed aside with the little bed that Nuka brought with her from Florida. During the day now, Oso has claimed the bed and the closet...at least as a starting point. He sometimes randomly decides that the bed's location is not to his liking so he pulls it out of the closet and rearranges it against the storage shelves (where Quinn likes to nap) or Oso pushes it to block the doorway to the office, or OAWD will snuggle the bed up against the little round bed in the room (where Nuka often rests). Once he has found a "good position" Oso sits down and the middle of the bed and surveys his location. Often it still is not quite right and he readjusts. When it is perfect, our Little Man curls up in a ball and instantly goes to sleep, happy as can be.

There is a Black Widow Spider infestation in Albuquerque and it appears that we have been touched by it, according to our bug guy and Steve. This makes us worry about the WDA and we have been extra vigilant. Seems, however that there ii not a safe solution that will kill the spiders and not harm the dogs...short of stepping on them (to quote our bug guy). We read that Black Widows do not like the scent of lemon so I am working on concocting a lemon spray for suspect areas but as yet have not found the "Eureka" mix. Wish me luck.

Hope your weekend is bug-free and filled with naps that Goldilocks (or Oso) would envy!


Sagira said...

Oh man...spiders creep me out. I am glad black widows do not live here in Ohio.

Nola said...

Have fun and stay safe from those bugs!

haopee said...

The black widow spiders don't like the citrus mix? Maybe you have a better chance using the peeling of the fruits than the extract... your could try putting the peelings in a screen bag (like potpourri) and hang it all around and suspect black widow hide out.

By the way, Oso seems to have adjusted pretty well in your home. We are happy for that.

In the mean time, I have to leave Peanuts with my beau because I'm leaving for my sisters tomorrow. The time I will be staying with my sister's is... indefinite, reason why it's a sad day for all of us.

Huggies and Cheese,


Teddy Bear said...

Ewww, spiders.:( We hope your pawrents had a great time at the opera.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Random Felines said...

hope you had a good time.

ewwww - spiders. and no, mom did not have a bug free weekend - MOL

Brian said...

Those spiders are not nice at all, please do be careful!

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

OSO...please move over so Mama Mindy can come cuddle up with you. I need a vacation from my puggies.
Kisses on each beautiful WDA head,
Mama Mindy

Ginger Jasper said...

Have a great time.. The chicken with apricots make my mouth water.. I smiled at the picture all the bed moving conjured up.. You need me there for the spiders because I love to catch them.. But seriously I hope you find a solution... Hugs GJ xx