July 29, 2012

White Dog and The White Dog Army could not believe it when our response to the planning the day question this morning was, "We are going to celebrate you White Ones!" "What exactly does that mean?" WD asked suspiciously implying there was some kind of catch.

"It means that you have all been very patient with us being away for opera nights, and our attending meetings to plan the Walks to End cancer, and you worked VERY hard to win Ridah over to the idea of Rocking his Kasbah. It means we appreciate you all and want you to know it."

"It means," Steve added, "that we want to go to the Duck Park and have a breakfast picnic with just you." There was a stampede from the bedroom to the front door. "Ummm, WDA?" I called out, "You might want to wait until we get dressed first."

We stopped on the way to the Park to pick up sopapillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon. Then Steve slipped across the street and got rich almond croissants and a cheese tart. We made one more stop for coffee for Steve and cafe VERY au lait for YoYoMa and I to share (he is my coffee drinking buddy every morning, sharing a few sips of my heavily creamed drink).

The Park was surprisingly uncrowded and we enjoyed eating and walking and visiting the ducks. After, back in the car, Steve asked, "Who wants to go shopping for treats?" and he directed Pumpkin to our favorite pet store where Lisa, the owner, loves the WDA and always has their favorite Fromm's treats in stock. We drove home the long way so the pups could take full advantage of the air conditioning and gentle bouncing of the van. By the time we pulled into the driveway, all were sleeping soundly.

While they continued their naps inside, we snuck out to run a few errands and to meet Gregg and Candace for a late lunch/early dinner. We returned as the WDA was beginning to stir and was looking for dinner...with the surprise addition of my leftover crabmeat quesadillas!

The Army crowded Steve curiously as he made some adjustments in the bedroom which allowed us all to watch the Olympics together with Steve sitting on the floor against the side of the bed. White Dog joined me on the bed while the others arrayed themselves around him and together we enjoyed this athletic celebration of the possibility of international competition that is not hateful and warlike.

We munched popcorn and enjoyed being together...a perfect ending to the weekend.


Random Felines said...

sigh - that does sound perfect!!!

Winston said...

Sounds like a perfect day with the WDA!!

GOOSE said...

A picnic breakfast at a duck park sound wonderful.

Sagira said...

Sounds so nice

Brian said...

What a fantastic WD day!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

That sounds fun! Lots of white doggies everywhere!

Mr. Pip said...

What a perfect way to spend a day = loved ones, yummy treats, and the beautiful outdoors.

Your pal, Pip