September 14, 2012

White Dog and the White Dog Army let out a howl of joy. Steve's schedule for the next quarter has been posted and we once again have Fridays as Saturdays! In exchange for teaching a Saturday afternoon class, he gets Fridays off of work. We love Fridays as Saturdays because everyone else is still in their work week so the Park is nearly empty. Late lunches in our favorite spots mean the best tables in the shade with no waiting. Car rides are zippy and parking lots have open spaces. And, best of all, we get to spend all of Friday together.

This quarter's schedule, because of the Saturday class, also means that Steve only has ONE late night. It comes on Mondays when the WDA likes to take things easy to recover from the weekend; so resting up until the end of Steve's night class at 11pm will allow everyone to be fresh and ready for a Walk when dad gets home. Because he has taken on the additional duties of chairing two departments (without more green papers), Steve will also be taking a fair bit of "casual comp" time as a reward.

If the WDA had its druthers, Steve would be home all of the time...but we can live with this schedule until, as momma says, it rains green paper from heaven.


Brian said...

Sounds wonderful to me and less crowds are always a good thing!

GOOSE said...

Sounds like a pretty good schedule. Glad he is home more when you want.

Nola said...

Sounds good to us!

Jo's World said...

What sounds good to me is that raining green papers from heaven, when is that coming please?

Hugs all around,


Cotton said...

Sounds great!:D

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy WDA, sounds like a good schedule. Maybe you could try to grow one of those money trees in the backyard. We've tried but had no luck hehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

KB said...

Yay for that schedule. Sounds perfect!

And, I love the dog stroller for the walk to end cancer. I still plan to send you a photo etc for it... I've been delayed by the arrival of our needy but very lovable puppy. Every time I start to focus on something, she gets into mischief!

24 Paws of Love said...

That sounds so great! Our daddy got a new schedule too and is now home in the evenings and we couldn't be more thrilled! Aren't dad's great?? I know they all wish they were home more, but at least a better schedule is half the battle. :)