October 28, 2012

White Dog was a little jealous that YoYoMa had been selected to attend the Howl-N-Prowl Rescue Adoption Event instead of her...until she went out to the car and saw how packed it was AND felt the 43 degree F early morning air. It was to be an outdoor Event adjacent to the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in the faring community of Corrales so except for our little popup cabana, there would be no shelter. I was dressed in layers in anticipation of being cold at least until noon...and this was before 8am.

YoYoMa seems to like the cold...or at least he doesn't get dramatic and demand to be held and cuddled and wrapped inside my jacket. And there was only room for one of the White Dog Army to join us. So he strapped on his harness, skipped the treats the others who were staying home received, and stalwartly headed out for Spokes Dog duty.

Things didn't warm up until early afternoon and then a stiff wind cancelled the sun's warmth, but it did not deter either the four- or two-legged trick-or-treaters.