November 25, 2012

White Dog was waiting on my chair like a taskmaster bent on getting things back on track after we returned from the matinee show of the new movie, Cloud Atlas this afternoon. "All right, you have had your fun now lets get to the deck before we lose motivation and daylight," was her greeting.

Steve had mentioned at the start of this long holiday weekend that it might finally be an opportunity to work on removing the shade cloth torn in the last wind storm from the deck "roof" and to change out the old wood lattice panels for new plastic ones made from recycled milk bottles (which are supposed to be more durable and require no maintenance). Now it was Sunday afternoon and the White Ones were ready to commence supervision of the project.

We were allowed a glass of water and a potty break and then Steve was followed into his closet as he changed into works clothes...Quinn, Oso, and Puff making sure he did not dawdle. I sat down in the living room to be met by the stares of WD and YoYoMa as I reached down to give Nuka the back rub she was asking for. "And what do you think YOU'RE doing?" the Little Bossy One asked. "Ummmm, petting the dog?" "Hey, don't take that tone with White Dog," YAWD muscled as he swaggered next to his sister. "EXCUSE ME? Want to ever get fed again?"

"We just thought that maybe you should work on the Christmas List for Santa," they both said suddenly contrite as they realized that the list included THEIR gifts. "Lots of people already have their presents bought and wrapped." That said, WD, YAWD and AWD headed out to watch over Steve's work hoping I would forgive and forget.

On and off during the afternoon, one or another of the WDA would come in to take a supervision break (union rules, I think) and to check on me. I heard sawing and hammering and when I peeked out Steve had already made a big difference in the freshen up project...while WD watched through the window as she laid on our bed...and Oso ran zoomies in the yard...and Quinn roamed the perimeter glad for the outdoor company in familiar space...Puff had invented her own game of trotting down the ramp, up and over the agility catwalk, around the deck, and back up the stairs. Nuka was napping against the patio door glass still warm from the afternoon sun.

When everyone came in at sunset, a great start made, Michael and I surprised them with carrot cake and cream cheese icing. It was one of the WDA's favorite kind of Sundays.


Random Felines said...

that sounds like a great Sunday. funny that even the WDA bends to the whims of Santa..... :)

Mr. Pip said...

Carrot cake is one of our favorites, too!

Your pal, Pip

Tweedles -- that's me said...

ohhhhhhhhh yummy
we lovw carrot cake too

GOOSE said...

Oh I loooove carrot cake.

24 Paws of Love said...

What a great way to spend Sunday. I little renovation, a Santa list and carrot cake. Can't beat that!!

Brian said...

That sounds like a wonderful day and the list for Santa is a great idea!