November 26, 2012

White Dog sat next to me on the bed, watching "Steve TV" through the patio door. He was working on the deck rehab and didn't even know we were there. "Notice Quinn?" White Dog asked nodding to point out The Other White Dog in the yard, strolling around. "It is kind of amazing how much supervising he is up for," I replied.

Of all the WDA, Quinn has been on top of this project, hanging out with Steve, marching up and down the ramp as Steve shifts from inside to outside the deck "walls," and generally nosing through every piece of lumber and scrap generated. It has been wonderful to see him so engaged and active.

"Don't ever count old Quinster out," WD said shaking her head. "Sure he has health issues but he still has lots of go. He can keep up with the best of us when he has a mind to." I smiled as i watched him through the glass.

The surge was evident late last night as well. When Steve came home at 11pm from teaching and we had a bite to eat; TOWD was awake and beside the rest of the WDA asking for their nibble of red beans and rice with turkey cubes. And when it was Oso's turn for a walk (after midnight), Quinn was right next to him asking to go along. (Oso and Quinn originally became a pair when Oso joined us, but often over the Fall, Quinn just wasn't up for Walks so Oso went alone.) Steve reported when they returned that Q-Man had nimbly managed both up and down the steps in front of the house and kept Oso at a trot during the walk.

This is exciting news for our boy who has had more downs than ups health-wise in the past months. The extra exercise, we believe, has also helped slow the manic pacing in the night. TOWD quickly falls asleep the past few days and stays that way until nearly dawn.


Sagira said...

We like the sound of that Steve TV too bad we can't all watch the fun. :)

Glad that the extra exercise seems to be helping out.

GOOSE said...

Steve TV should be on cable or satalight so we all can watch.

Brian said...

Steve TV is so lucky to have such wonderful viewers!

rottrover said...

Great news about the Quinnster!

-Bart and Ruby

Random Felines said...

Yeah for Quinn!!! He found a wonderful family that takes his needs into account and makes sure he is being his best.

Nola said...

Yay Quinn!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think things are getting better everyday!

Wyatt said...

It's good to have an outdoor project in the winter months. If Quinn gets bored, we have a whole bunch of stuff he can snoopervise! :D

Wyatt and Stanzie

KB said...

I am smiling as I think of Quinn enjoying these days of feeling energetic and happy. Wonderful!

Jo's World said...

There is just nothing better than seeing a down dog turn into an up dog. You have done all the right things for the Mighty Quinn and he is happy!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat