November 9, 2012

White Dog and Oso disappeared first. An hour later when Steve carried Quinn out to the car, poor Puff was nearly beside herself. She scratched at the door to go with; she hopped up on the watching chair and panted nervously; she paced. And when I walked out to join them, Still Another White Dog's pitiful look made me reconsider for a second.

WD and Oh, Another White Dog were at the Spa getting groomed. Our very wonderful Scott squeezed the two in so that they will look their best at Sunday's photo shoot in Santa Fe. Quinn was going to the vet for a laser treatment and then we were stopping to replenish jerky treats and pick up some Michael supplies from Costco. I explained all that to the three who were staying home and YoYoMa and Nuka shrugged then curled up to nap. Puff is a wreck at Dr. Julia's office, shaking and whimpering. That is why I only briefly reconsidered. I left her staring out of the window as we pulled guiltily away.

Puff, once the rescue who hid in the corner of the yard in a nest covered with leaves, now is a VERY connected member of a pack. When one member of the White Dog Army is missing, it is upsetting to her. In a way, she might have preferred the discomfort of being at the vet to worrying about where Quinn was...but then she would have been panicking over Nuka and YoYoMa still at home. In her ideal "Princess Puffy" World, the WDA (including Steve and I) would always be together, preferably safely at home and without the pressure of guests or intruders. Our sweet Old Lady is happiest then although she will go with and do just about anything if we are ALL doing it.

The only exception is an occasional "Dad and Me" trip in the car or time together working in the Studio, but even then, after a certain point, she is glad to get home and reconnect with the rest of the Army. Steve took her to run a quick errand to the drugstore after dinner to give her a chance to get out a bit. She trotted out to the car but when they returned, lept out of the van, madly dashed up the stairs and clawed to be let in. I petted her and the WDA surrounded her to sniff where she had gone...then she was calm again.

It is times like these when I look at the white floofy bodies that cover my living room and am amazed. Six pups, each from VERY different circumstances, each with VERY different personalities, six seniors with VERY different skills and mindsets, have managed to come into my home and form a family. We never "tried out" the additions or pre-met before extending our invitation to join the White Dog Army. Each one was chosen and arrived fresh to us all and was expected to fit in...and each has...amazingly...splendidly...lovingly. Stronger as a pack.


KB said...

I think that the unity of the pack has a lot to do with the wonderful attitude of the human leaders!

Brian said...

It is so wonderful to have a family that loves and loves some more!

rottrover said...

We agree with KB :-)

Jo's World said...

And I agree with KB and Rottrover!
Brian too!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Jeanne Pursell said...

We can truly see the love that you have for the WDA and them for you! Happy Sunday! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

We totally agree with KB too. Your family unit is filled with love and that is why it works so very well! Would love to see a photo of all six sleeping on the floor together. Hope your weekend was a good one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Teddy Bear said...

Such a loving, wonderful Pack. We love you guys.

Teddy Bear & Sierra