December 15, 2012

White Dog and Steve had already concocted a plan to make sure I drank enough water and continued to rest as I was beginning to recover from the past three days of being flu-stricken. Steve had to attend graduation this morning and then taught in the afternoon. The entire White Dog Army promised him that they would not let me talk them into bending the "Get Well" Rules no matter what I offered as enticement.

I was a good patient. (OK, honestly, I tried a number of times to get stuff done from my "to do" list but each time was met by a white face and wagging tail that gently steered me back). The WDA REALLY needed baths and grooming since tomorrow was the much anticipated professional photo shoot at the Park to get our family portrait taken. No one agreed with my sense of urgency.

Steve got home at six and started talking about dinner, which reminded me that I still was not quite completely back to normal since my choice was water and toast. Again, no one agreed with me. After, he went into the "Classroom" to continue his homework for the week and after more than 30 hours over the past five days, he emerged to announce the week's work completed and turned in.

Then he looked out of the window and said, "Hey, did you guys know it is snowing and sleeting?" The WDA rushed into the yard and discovered as Oso careened down on his backside that the ramp from the deck to the yard was a bit slick. At about the same time, White Dog and I were reading an email from the photographer giving us the option to reschedule considering the weather and forecast for early morning...high 20's and overcast. We called a meeting with the Army and discussed options.

I thought it was just too cold, especially with Puff's sensitive pulmonary system. Steve was worried about my mobility if it was icy or if the grass was wet. YoYoMa was excited about going and playing in the snow but once WD explained that posing for photos was not all fun and games and involved a lot of sit-stays, he rethought his position. In the long run, we emailed back asking to reschedule in late January.

"We will still all spend the day together," Steve promised. "And I do not have any schoolwork due." The White Ones were OK with that.
Quinn and Puff find the perfect way to keep me in my chiar...road block!


24 Paws of Love said...

Good job WDA! That momma of yours sounds like a stubborn girl and I'm glad you were all there take care of her. :)

Hope momma is feeling better really soon.

Nice that the photographer reschedule, something about the universe...

Jeanne Pursell said...

Yes, indeed! All the stars were aligned and you were supposed to stay home tomorrow for more recuperation time!! Great Job WDA!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Teddy Bear said...

We sure hope Mom feels better!

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Brian said...

We sure do hope the better shows up soon!