December 16, 2012

White Dog and the rest of the Army thought we had made the wrong decision to cancel the photo shoot. The sky was clearing, the ground had dried up from our whooping 1/2" of snow overnight, it looked like a perfect Land of Enchantment Day...until each pushed through the dog door to take care of business. It was a somewhat less than balmy 26 degree F.

"How about creamy hot oatmeal with brown sugar?" Puff suggested for breakfast as she came in and snuggled her cold fur against me. "Maybe some turkey sausage, too?" Quinn added. "And don't forget momma's coffee. We need some steamy hot joe," Yo and Oh said simultaneously as they shook their ruffs. I looked at them. "Where did you learn to talk like that? You sound like some fifties sitcom." Nuka is our Toast Queen and requested that the meal also include some toast melty with butter and slathered with pumpkin jam.

After a cuddling digestive nap under warm blankets it was time to get things done. Michael needed to make guacamole to bring to his school Christmas party on Monday so Quinn and Oso volunteered to be on "Team Green." Steve had one batch of gift loaves to make, the Cherry Anise ones. Puff and YoYoMa elected to join his "Team Red." White Dog sat on the watching chair where she could observe everyone, and properly direct, and Nuka was put in charge of making sure I kept my feet warm and drank lots of water.

While bread was baking we organized the gifts that needed to be wrapped and readied for shipping. The White Dog Army are experienced gift wrappers and can be counted on to lie on the paper so that it does not curl; to chase dropped spools of ribbon; and to be insanely interested in tissue paper.Before we knew it all was ready to be taken to the post office on Monday...and it was dinner time.

"Where did the day go?" Steve asked and six white floofy heads turned to look at the tower of boxes by the door.  I thanked everyone, "Santa will be proud."


Nola said...

What a fun day!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I loved this story- it was a good story.

Jo's World said...

I loved this story too. I especially like the part where the dog lays on the wrapping paper so it doesn't curl up and then the dog chases after the ribbon for the wrapper person. I think I may need one of those Esky dogs, who do things like this. Stella is very sweet, but no, she wouldn't do what you did.

Cheers and hugs,


rottrover said...

We hope mom is feeling better...

Bart and Ruby