January 13, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the Army were tired. It had been a long day of supervision and lots of restless energy had been spent pacing in boredom, chewing up stuffies, and avoiding the super cold weather. Now at midnight we headed for bed. As is our custom all were lined up along the bed in anticipation of a final "goodnight" treat...except for Puff.

"Where is..." I was interrupted as the missing girl, bundled in her warmest sweatshirt, came crashing back into the house through the dog door. I expected her to take a place at the end of the row but she rushed along the backs of her siblings and into the hallway.

I thought she carried a stuffie left out in the cold whom she had rescued, but when every one's attention suddenly turned to the hallway and I heard cracking sounds, it was clear that Still Another White Dog was hoarding something.

Quiet gentle Quinn bolted to join her first and was soon followed by Nuka. My well placed leg blocked the others as Steve clambered over the bed to the hall and threw on the hall light. "Oh Puff!," we heard and the sounds of scuffling.

The bedroom group was now trying like crazy to join the others, and Steve announced, "It's a bird! Everyone is trying to get to it. I can't get it AND keep them away!" My hands were full so I thought fast. "Get Nuka off it first, she will nip so be careful but then push her through the door into the living room." Steve struggled and swore. "OK, Quinn next, same thing." I heard Steve trying to reason with his boy. "Remember he lived on the streets where I bet this was often dinner, don't discuss it. Take it out of his mouth and shove!"

It was only Steve and Puff. She growled a low "grrrrr" and Steve picked her up. "No you don't! That is NOT the way you talk to me!" We listened as she struggled and Steve pried open her jaws of steel. "Now LEAVE IT!" The front room door opened and closed fast.

He came back to put his robe on and went to get some bags and clean up solution. I leaned way forward and got a peek of feathers and ripped off body parts scattered across the hall, then I shut the bedroom door so YoYoMa and Oso would not create a new feasting. White Dog, on the bed, was disgusted by the entire thing and definitely NOT interested in eating--or seeing--the prize.

I heard Steve washing his hands for an unusually long time, then he let Puff, Quinn, and Nuka back into the bedroom area. This time everyone lined up in order for their treats (after scouring the hall for remnants). Nite-nite kisses were on foreheads.

"The free-roaming cat population must be up again," I commented to Steve. "I wonder if there is any way to keep them out of OUR yard?" "If EIGHT dogs isn't a deterrent, I am not sure what you are going to find that works," he said and turned out the light.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We have so many cats here- that were dumped off- so we have lots of body parts laying around tooo, and it is a challenge to pick them up before you know who can eat them!
We understand totally!

Sagira said...

Oh no! It's a bird.