January 14, 2013

It started with soft gentle flakes midmorning.
White Dog and the others worriedly watched out the window as evening fell and the snow continued. The WDA could hear traffic on our normally busy Route 66 a mere block away dropping off until the street was nearly silent. We heard a noise that I had to identify for them because here in Albuquerque we hardly ever have the sounds of tires spinning on ice. This was Steve's late night and temperatures were drastically dropping which we knew would leave the streets slick and unpredictable.

When the phone rang at 8pm and Steve announced that school had been cancelled for the evening, the WDA was overjoyed. I wasn't happy to learn that conditions were icy especially on the bridges. Steve decided to take the longer, slower local roads to get home but still had to cross one of four bridges that connected school on the other side of the Rio Grande with our side of town on the other. We were glad he was homeward bound but focused White Dog positive energy on his getting to us safely.
A little more treacherous in the dark, the snow sent most home early and inside for the night. We whispered a silent prayer for those forced to be outdoors asking the universe to provide shelter from the cold and wet for those without a home.

It DID take longer but when Steve pulled in the drive a half hour later, the WDA gathered at the door in elation. They had no arguments with his suggestion of early and quick walks before conditions got slicker or colder. In fact Puff and Nuka were content to go out on the front porch and then return.

Now we are safely inside where it is warm and secure. Cups of steaming chili in hand and pumpkin cookies for the pups feels cozy. The blinds are drawn against the cold and we are ready to cuddle. Michael knows to check in the morning to make sure school has not been cancelled before he heads into the cold and our California newcomers nervously know that most business go to a "delayed start" if early morning conditions are hazardous. So for now, we are going to ignore the weather and just enjoy the fact that Steve is home extra early.


Jeanne Pursell said...

Glad that your dad got home safe and you were all warm and cozy with chili and pumpkin cookies!! That sounds so nice!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Random Felines said...

ice isn't good, but it sounds like a nice cozy evening.....

Brian said...

That sounds like a scary drive! Happy snuggle season everyone!

Please stop by and wish Dante a Happy 11th Birthday.

Kari in Vegas said...

Be careful on those roads!

Stop on by for a visit

meowmeowmans said...

Good decision by Steve to take the slow route home. we are glad everyone is inside, safe and warm. Snuggle on! :)

FiveSibesMom said...

So glad you are all safe and warm and cozy from the storm. Chili and pumpkin cookies...our bags are packed and we are on our way over!

PS - I've quoted you in our Blog the Change post today. :-)

Sagira said...

Glad you guys are safe and sound. Will be happy when spring arrives

KB said...

Let it snow! I'm glad that Steve got home safely and had the evening off!!!!

Unfortunately, up here in the mountains, almost nothing gets delayed or canceled for snow. So, I've had to learn the art of the "controlled slide" in my 4Runner down the mountain. My knuckles are still white after 15 yrs of it!

I saw your post about WD getting away from Steve at the groomers and running home. I'm so glad that she's okay. That sounded so scary.