February 17, 2013

White Dog leaped from the watching chair and ran to tell the others. "Harness up, White Dogs! Bicycle season is upon us!" The immediate frenzy caused by the White Dog Army as a result of her announcement was deafening and nearly knocked over the glass-topped coffeee table.

Our fanastic taste of glorious Spring had continued overnight and early this morning Steve called Gregg and Candace to see if they (and Dragon and Sen-ge) were ready to commence the 2013 Riding Season. They could no more resist the sixty degrees and blue skies than we could and we met at the Nature Center, gear dusted off and ready to go.

Our friends have been considering a bike buggy for the Honorary White Ones who currently ride in baskets on the front of Gregg and Candace's bikes so we brought along the WDA "yellow hornet" for them to try out. The WDA opted to stay under the cottonwoods with me and stalk road runners and munch fresh grass shoots.We also got to sing to a small flock of sand hill cranes who landed and surveyed the Center from the banks of the acequia.

We heard the peddlers before we saw them. Dragon was piteously crying and barking. Upset, the WDA demanded to know what was wrong before they had even stopped next to the van. Seems Sen-ge LOVED the buggy, took a nap even, but Dragon cried and carried on like a drama queen the entire ride. Looks like there will be no buggy in the future for the Honorary Ones.

Dragon recovered quickly, once he was in Candace's arms. "What's for brunch?" he asked.


Ginger Jasper said...

What a shame that the buggy was not a success. Sounds as though the rest of the day was though.Spring is in the air thankfully allthough we have frost overnight again with - temperatures. Glad you enjoyed Hugs GJ xx

Amber DaWeenie said...

Sounds like a fun day...well except for the buggy part! Oh Well!