February 18, 2013

White Dog woke me and said, "I thought you said there was no school today?" "President's Day," I mumbled and pulled the blanket over my head. "Dad will be home all day, no late night." "Does Michael have school?" she persisted. "No school, President's Day," I repeated.

"Well he just left the house."

I nudged Steve who was enjoying the luxury of sleeping in. "Michael forgot he has the day off," I told him. "So?" "So I think he just left for school should we go get him?" "By the time I get dressed he will be on the bus probably. Let me call him."

Michael had his phone turned off. "He'll know when he gets to campus. So he'll turn around and come home and it will be fine."

About an hour later Steve received a text message from our nephew. "There is no school today. The library is closed. What should I do?" "Come home." was Steve's reply.

A short while later Michael came in, a little flustered but still able to laugh at his situation and the chance to sleep late that he lost. His biggest concern was that he had made a school lunch and now would not be at school to eat it. "It is in your backpack, right?" Steve asked him and received a nod. "Well, then at lunchtime just eat that lunch here. We won't tell."

"Do you think the grocery store is open today? I did not go yesterday and since I am home maybe I could go today but I wonder if they are open." White Dog barked that she was pretty certain the store would be open. After all LOTS of people, like Becks and Josh, had to go to work today. Steve confirmed what WD said.

"Even Presidents have to eat," Quinn reminded him as Michael left with his list and shopping cart in tow.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Awwww....and Michael could have slept in too. Hate when that happens!

PeeS......The gray yarn has arrived and the hot pads are under construction! :)

Random Felines said...

mom doesn't get those federal holidays off, but she has missed the time change a couple of times :)

Brian said...

We hate it when we miss a meal too!