February 25, 2013

White Dog would have been happy to stay nestled against my side in bed this morning and at eight not a single pup had yet stirred to start the morning...not even Oso, who is usually Steve's very early morning study partner.

As they heard us stirring, The White Dog Army, one-by-one, made an appearance. Each wanted attention and each was perfectly content in my arms or Steve's as they burrowed against us and looked up with glassy eyes. "Looks like we still have some sickies remaining," I said to Steve who was cradling Nuka like a baby; she snuggled into his chest and grunted unhappily.

A beige breakfast of rice and broth met with every one's approval. YoYoMa asked for and received some kibble since he seems to be spared (at least for now). Puff thought she felt good enough to steal a mouthful of Yo's "special" breakfast but she regretted it a few minutes later when it came back up. She and Oso are the worst hit and are still having upchuck problems. Fortunately, Oso is a tremendous water drinker so we have no fear that he will stay hydrated but Puff seemed to be avoiding ingesting anything after her kibble experience.

The WDA has taken the day to just lie around and recoup. By early afternoon the troops asked for their usual duck jerky afternoon treat. Steve and I decided each could have a small half piece so they did not feel as though they were being punished. The treat was enjoyed without incident but only YoYoMa, Quinn and White Dog complained about the stingy portions.

This evening White Dog sat next to me and asked how long everyone would be ill. "Dr. Julia says this lasts one or two days," I told her, "but your sisters and brothers are older and it might take a little longer for them to totally shake this. Quinn has to go for a laser treatment tomorrow, I will ask her then if any of the WDA is still under the weather."

"Good," White Dog responded. "Wednesday is Quinn's Third Gotcha Day and I would hate for any of us not to be able to celebrate!"  "Sweet One, don't you worry. The Other White Dog WILL have his special day of celebration! thanks so much for caring."


Ginger Jasper said...

I so hope all will be well and back to feeling their selves for the celebrations. I sent hugs and purrs to help.. Hugs GJ xx

Brian said...

I will send my best purrs so the WD Army can find the all well soon!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy sends get well licks to the whole army. Sally Ann would love for you to be part of her wedding party. Don't fret about the shoes, Sally Ann says she'll pick easy to wear shoes. Your brothers are invited to be ushers if they would like.