February 26, 2013

White Dog stretched and took stock of the White Dog Army sans Quinn who was still snoozing. "Everybody feeling OK?" she asked and received nods from Puff, Nuka, YoYoMa and Oso. "As you all know tomorrow is a VERY important day in our house. Quinn's 3rd Gotcha Day! He was the beginning of the White Dog Army; our family's first rescue; momma's miracle. It has got to be a VERY special celebration."

Most of you who follow us know the story of my seeing Quinn on a Facebook post. He was on deathrow in LA and had two days left. Something, kismet?, caused an avalanche of incredible focus on this sad little guy picked up as a stray with no history and suddenly the entire world, including so many of you were working madly to make connections and work your powers to find that third-grade friend that moved to LA or reach your sister's brother-in-law to help us rescue this boy from California and bring him to us. The outpouring of help and kindness left me breathless and without a doubt that he WOULD not die.

I still cannot tell the story without tears welling up and whenever I feel there is no hope of cooperation or magic I recall how Quinn came to us on the wings of angels who helped a scared Eskie boy find his way along a path paved with the support and unconditional love of strangers to our door.

Quinn and Michael were rescues together; Michael had arrived just weeks before Quinn came to us. The first night they clung to each other and understood that maybe for the first time in either of their lives, they were going to be safe and loved.

The Other White Dog is our epi-dog. He suffers from complex focal seizures (manic activities like endless circling). Most times he is fine and well adjusted (thanks to a fine vet and effective meds) but sometimes the seizure monster makes him fearful and repetitive. During those times the White Dog Army and Steve have learned to close ranks around him and offer just the right amount of reassurance to bring a return to calm.

It is this part of Quinn's life that the White Dog Army has chosen to be the focus of our celebration tomorrow. In addition to all of TOWD's favorite foods and a long soothing massage snuggled up on the bed, the WDA is asking for your participation.

They have broken into their saving account and will donate $30 to GibStrong the Epi-Dog fundraising done by The Five Sibes for the first 30 comments left to celebrate Quinn today and tomorrow (the 27th). Steve has sweetened the deal by agreeing to the pleading eyes of the Pack; $10 will be added for every additional 10 comments. Help us join with The Five Sibes, tireless fighters in the war to educate and eradicate the causes of seizures in dogs, to make a difference in honor of our boy.
Help us make Quinn's Gotcha Day extra special!


Carol said...

Happy Gotcha Day Quinn! You were so lucky to have been 'gotten' by Sue and Steve! And they are lucky to have 'gotten' you too!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Quinn, you're a very special boy {and very cute too}.....shhhhh, don't tell Weenie that I said that.

Mommy always thinks about April (RIP) when the word EPI Dog is said. I know April will watch over you, Quinn.


Mr. Pip said...

Happy Gotcha Day to the Mighty Quinn!!!

Your pal, Pip

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh Happy, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day beautiful, courageous Mighty Quinn!!! I have tears in my eyes...you are blessed to be in such a warm and caring family...and your family is blessed to have you in their lives. THANK YOU so very much for joining in our Live Gib Strong K-9 Epilespy Awareness Campaign (through which we donate to the Canine Epilepsy Resources)! Gibson and I are so touched by this! What a thoughtful way of celebrating your very special day - by helping other Epi-dogs! We will be sharing this and sending much love and many woos and Gotcha Day wishes to you, our special friend!


Brian Roll said...

Happy Gotcha Day Quinn!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Quinn!! So happy you have a furever home.

Claudia Williams said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Quinn! The Five Sibes sent me. Hope you have a fun day with lots of special treats. :-)

Samira - Hollywood Huskies said...

Happy Gotcha Day Quinn! Five Sibes sent me, too! :)

marianne said...

Happy Gotcha Day Quinn!! Hope you have lots of fun!!

Jo's World said...

Hi Quinn:

Happy Gotcha Day! I am a rescue too, spent 3 months in the shelter, so I know how happy you were to find your home!



Anonymous said...

We too had a dog with epilepsy and were lucky enough to also have a very fine vet to help us. Quinn, Happy Gotcha Day, you lucky boy. I think it's wonderful that The White Dog Army has figured out how to help Quinn! Becky