April 1, 2013

White Dog and YoYoMa were not sure what they thought of the idea of grooming at Chez Steve this month. Between the plumbing disaster early in March and Nuka's vet bills, spa day needed to be downsized a bit. The others routinely go to Steve's House of Beauty but White Dog considers a monthly trip to Scot's to be a birthright and Yo is a huge big baby handful when it comes to getting in the tub.

We had already called Dr. Julia, whose office was flooded with clients and calls and emergencies. We left a message for her to call when there was a moment to give our weekend Nuka update and to decide on our continuing strategy, including the next visit.

Nuka had eaten TWO syringes full of baby food and had been outside on her own. It was time for her usual post breakfast nap.

Steve brought out the pile of towels and set them next to me. YoYoMa heard him turn on the shower in the bathroom and our blind boy made a beeline for the farthest corner of the yard. "You can run but you cannot hide," Steve called after him before he turned to White Dog and said, "I guess you are first, baby girl!"

Like the born leader she is, WD let her collar be removed then marched into the bathroom to face the indignity of at-home grooming. "We're ready," Steve called as he brought out the wet and pathetic looking White Dog of My Heart. I am always surprised when I see her wet because she looks so skinny and naked. She dove into my armload of towels for some major blotting then squirmed off of me. She hopped on the couch and rolled, pushing her head under the pillows to dry herself. She shook facing all four directions of the living room and then headed for our bed. We knew beforehand that this would happen and the plan was to wash the top blanket after we finished the bathing ritual...she outsmarted us by diving under the sheets and scooting up and down the length of the bed.

Yo had returned to check out the action and Steve grabbed his collar. "Next!" he announced and our big tough boy squealed like a baby piggy down the hall and into the bath. It was a lot noisier that it had been with the resigned WD and I heard Steve say several times, "No, not yet!" YoYoMa came charging out to me before Steve announced him and had time to spray the entire room before Steve caught up and placed him in my arms. YAWD easily fills my arms and wiggling as he was, required a vise grip. Steve grabbed another towel to dry. By the time we had him dried enough to not drip, we were both soaked. Yo slid out of my arms and rolled on the floor then shook, then rolled again,then shook...a cycle he continued long enough to drive the rest of the WDA from the room because he was making them wet and crashing into everyone. He finally collapsed like a rag doll on top of the hearth blankets and lay there grunting unhappily until he dozed off.

At jerky snack time, the White Ones lines up for their daily duck treat...including Nuka. Everyone received their portion except Another White Dog who stood looking forlorn. "Really?" I asked. She stood waiting. I broke off a tiny sized piece and she immediately took it. She enjoyed it with gusto but when she asked for more, I picked her up. "here's the deal, you start eating real food on your own and you can have more jerky but right now I am not sure you are ready for more." I kissed her and set her down.

Steve decided to press her a bit by offering a teaspoon filled with intensive care canned solid dog food instead of a syringe at her next feeding. She sniffed and thought about it for a second but ended up eating two teaspoons full. All of the WDA expected a taste as well and were disappointed that such incredibly smelling yummies were only reserved for Nuka.

We finally caught up with Dr. Julia late in the afternoon. She was surprised and very pleased at Nuka's progress. So we are going to continue on our current course, without liquid food (unless she once again stops eating), slowly adding a very few nuggets of kibble at a time to the specialty solid food. Dr. Julia wants to see her Friday for a check and blood test;  and our goal is to get her back to her regular food and walks by next week. Paws crossed.

As we ended the conversation Dr. Julia said, "tell White Dog there is something pretty amazing in that Power of the Paw. Nuka is far surpassing my expectations...lets hope it continues."

Thank you. Thank you all.
In the yard before bed with Oso and Quinn, our Nuka is smiling once again!


Asta said...

Deewest white doggies,
I am so vewy late, but I'm sending aiweplanefulls of healing smoochies to Nuka. Mommi and Daddi have been sickies fow a momf now, and not helping me bloggie.. I hope all the sweet white doggies get used to the home spa tweatments..i have wesigned myself to bafs and can tell you, Mommi was shocked when she fiwst saw hew fiwst wiwy kid wet, Not a squawe doggie at all, just a skinny little pointy nosed one, hehehehe. Mommi uses a haiw dwyew, cause othewwise it takes houws fow me to dwy.
Sending love and good thoughts...smoochie kisses,Asta

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Absolutely pawesome!!!

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

KB said...

I just read about Nuka's illness and I am so happy that she is bouncing back! We have lots of experience with pancreatitis. After K had an acute round of it as a young dog, it eventually became "chronic", and she had to be on a very restricted diet for the rest of her life. It worked - the pancreatitis never reared its ugly head again after we instituted the diet.

We join in sending the POTP. I hope that Nuka keeps getting stronger and more energetic!

Anonymous said...
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Amber DaWeenie said...

We've been away from things for a while, but had to stop in and check on our Nuka! So glad she's feeling a bit better. It won't be long and she'll forget all about being so sick.

We hope to be back to regular blogging again soon.

Random Felines said...

ah yes - revenge of the WET Dog Army - MOL......

glad Nuka continues to improve

Brian said...

That was funnyWet Dog Army! Keep it up sweet Nuka, that noise you hear is us cheering you on!

Jo's World said...

Do you give them snow baths when winter brings you nice clean snow?

Leaves them smelling sweet and clean!


meowmeowmans said...

The bath stories made us laugh (sorry, WDA), but Nuka's progress made us SMILE! :)

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh I did laugh at the antics especially diving into the sheets. I bet you were not laughing but it did sound funny. The best news is that Nuka is doing so well. The power of the paw is indeed a magical thing. Keep it up little one as we are all behind you.. Hugs GJ x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I still have my paws crossed!