March 31, 2013

White Dog and the White Dog Army agreed that an at-home picnic with ALL of the WDA, family of the heart, and LOTS of yummy foods was a perfect celebration of hope and sharing and love. We hope each of you had a day equally filled with happiness and indulgence.

Here are some moments from our day:
Oso, Easter Bunny assistant, once again donned his ears to deliver Easter baskets.
Michael soon learned that sometimes little is better as his basket contained a special message granting  special privileges for the day.
Beautiful flowers from Steve and Becks brightened the house.
Bread and cheeses, Build-A-Salad, Hand dyed Eggs, Curried Turkey Salad,  Baked Fingerling Potatoes with Sea Salt and Bleu Cheese Chive Dipping Sauce, Cheese Pastries, Beck's Pasta Salad, Steve's Homemade Vanilla Bean Gelato graced the table.
and CAKE! Almond with dark chocolate frosting and candied almonds.
The pups had  unfrosted cubes mixed with gelato.
The day was warm and sunny and perfect for a run at the Park

NUKA UPDATE: Another White Dog has moved up to eating just baby food via syringe. She spent the day divided between sleeping in her crate and being social enough to participate in the party. She seems to actually be experiencing hunger and eagerly accepts the "bites" Steve offers (although she will not eat on her own yet). The most exciting progress is that her system seems to be turning back on as she (sorry, no delicate way to put this) pooped! Caused quite a happy dance here at White Dog Ranch! Monday we will talk with Dr. Julia and see how we stand but the WDA is thinking that we are on the road to recovery...thanks to Power of the Paw and all of your amazing thoughts. 


Brian said...

Hooray Nuka, keep getting better sweet one and we will happy dance too!

Jo's World said...

Lovely party table and hooray for Nuka! A good time was had by all, right?

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Random Felines said...

a lovely feast - and it sounds like you all had a wonderful time

so glad Nuka continues to do better