May 13, 2013

White Dog came out from behind the chair (her napping den) when she heard Steve's quiet, "Oh my!" Quinn and Oso, his ever faithful kitchen helpers were already in the room, heads in the refrigerator.

Seems the thermostat or some regulator had gone haywire and everything in the frig was frozen. For the most part, this was not a huge problem but fresh fruits and veggies took a major beating...including the nearly 2 lbs of strawberries, juicy and just perfectly ripe, that we had just purchased.

"Change of dinner plans," I joked. "LOTS of steamed veggies and we will have to think of something to do with the berries because they will be mush when they thaw." Steve fussed around a bit and seemingly fixed the freezing although he is not saying more than "I've made some adjustments, looks good, but we will see."

After dinner of assorted steamed vegetables topped with some of the wonderful leftover dips from Sunday, Steve announced that he had the perfect use for the defrosted strawberries...smoothies for every one! He pulled out the blender and pulsed in the fruit, some cream, and a touch of vanilla. The White Dog Army lined up at their bowls for their shares. When Puff decided she only wanted a taste, Oso and Quinn both volunteered to lick her bowl clean. YoYoMa pushed his bowl all over the kitchen as he licked again and again to make sure there were no escaping vapors of deliciousness.

Settled and full, Nuka let out a giant belch. "Her way of announcing that the WDA has the problem under control," Steve interpreted.


Random Felines said...

hope it is fixed - and hey....nothing wrong with some good strawberry smoothie action!

Jo's World said...

Always something, right? You could have also made a strawberry pie with those frozie berries.!


Jo and Stella, Zkhat too!

Brian said...

Might as well snack! I hope the thermo thingy gets better soon.

Ginger Jasper said...

Disaster averted and yummy smoothies all round. That sounds good to me. I do hope the fridge is sorted though..
Hugs GJ x