May 14, 2013

White Dog came running in. "Oso is not going to make it to his first Gotcha Day on Friday if he keeps that stuff up!"

I heard Steve come in the backdoor. He had Oh, Another White Dog in his arms and a look of concern on his face.

"There's a story here, I can feel it," I said.
Puff and Oso on the top of the 50" stair case. Oso stands about 10" at the shoulders.

"Your Little Man just took a high dive off of the top step of the deck," Steve reported as he clutched said Flying Wallenda to his chest. "He landed on his head."

"I checked him over and he is kind of scuffed up but I think OK," as he thrust the 12 lb. fluff ball into my arms. "See what you think."

The White Dog Army gathered around as Steve went to get a basin filled with warm soapy water so we could wash off the dust, dirt and seedies that formed a path along Oso's face and neck showing how he landed. While he did that I felt along his ribs and legs and feet and back. I moved his neck back and forth.  All seemed fine.

We washed him clean and parted furs to make sure there were no cuts or scrapes and found none. OAWD's eyes were tracking well and he was hearing perfectly (the whispered, "Do you want a treat?" got not just Oso but the entire WDA, including deaf Nuka, wagging).

Steve pulled back our Little Man's gums to make sure he had not cut himself inside his mouth as he landed, but there was no blood or tenderness inside his cheek on on his tongue. "Wait," I told Steve, "turn his head and open his mouth again."

Our boy HAD managed to chip off a piece of a tooth, near the front so it was easy to see that the nerve was not exposed and the tooth not loose. "Not completely damage-free," I said.

"Oso, you are giving dad grey hairs," I chided Steve's special supervisor. To Steve, "I think he is all right but I am going to give Dr. Julia a call just to be safe." Steve held his boy and petted him; the WDA waited to hear what our wonderful vet had to say.

"Thank God for those thick Spitz skulls," Dr. Julia said upon hearing the story. "Watch to make sure he doesn't have a concussion, bring him in if he starts vomiting, no meds or pain killers for 24 hours, and try to keep his wings clipped! The tooth sounds like a chip and short of cosmetic dentistry Oso is going to have to live with a funky smile." "Really?" I asked, "Canine cosmetic dentistry? There is a market for that?" She laughed, "You would not believe what you can do to your pets if you have enough money. Check in with me tomorrow, he may develop some bruising or a limp from the trauma but it sounds like time will be the best doctor."

Hearing Dr. Julia's release from worry, the WDA turned on their sibling. "WHAT kind of crazy stunt was that?" White Dog demanded. "You could have been seriously hurt!" "Really, do you think we want to celebrate your first Gotcha Day visiting you at the vet hospital or worse," Puff scolded. "You nearly gave dad a heart attack," said Quinn, "I saw his face when you launched yourself!"

"All right every one, Oso gets it. Let's just be glad he is not hurt," Steve defended still hugging the acrobatic boy who snuggled into Steve's arms deeper and yawned..


24 Paws of Love said...

What's wrong with a little Superman fun every once in a while? :)

Seriously glad Oso is OK.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

What a relief! Maybe Oso and Snoopy can practice and have a circus act of their own-

Brian said...

Oso, I know it was fun, but you should scare everyone like that!!!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oso the daredevil - be careful there. You could have been hurt badly.

When we had our old deck, we would make a beeline from the door across the deck and straight out and over the steps - sometimes catching one or two of the steps. When the deck was rebuilt a few years ago, Mom had the designers change the steps so we have to turn when we get to them - slows us down a bit:)

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

meowmeowmans said...

Oso, you make US nervous, too! Be careful, okay?

Jo's World said...

Were you a circus acrobat at one time, Oso?

If not, either have Dad put up a net to catch you, or give up the flying. For me, I'd prefer you did the latter.

Siku Marie, I left a reply to you in comments on our most recent blog.