May 19, 2013

White Dog sat on Steve's lap after he finished his schoolwork and said, "We need an Easy Sunday. It has been a long week for you, it is hot outside, and it would be nice just to hang out with nothing to do except snacking, listening to music (singing along when we wanted to), and day dreaming under the gentle breeze of the fan."

The White Dog Army, who has obviously been paying too much attention to the meetings being held at our house, called for a vote. Oso made a motion in favor of Easy Sunday, and was seconded by YoYoMa. There was no discussion, and the motion passed unanimously.

So, with the wishes that you too experienced maximum Sundy-ness, here is the WDA version:


ra husky said...

Adore all the pictures! Have a marvelous day little white furiends!


rottrover said...

Maximum Sundayness, indeed! Have a great week!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Oh my that is so much white. My Siku, I miss you greatly. Mommy says she will be sending me along to you soon. She is always busy with work, but I will make sure I come to you soon.
Andy Stanley

Random Felines said...

that looks like a great Sunday.... mom had to drive home from DC but then relaxed with us (sorta - but that is another story all together)

Jo's World said...

Your Sunday sounds like perfection itself. This is Sunday, my style (Jo), and mine too (Stella) because whatever my Mom wants to do, thats what I want too.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat (who plans her own days!)

Brian said...

I see y'all had your gorgeous on!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think those are the best kind of days.