May 18, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army were so very excited when Dragon's mom sent us a little message saying that Phoenix was now ready to find a forever home. Candace saw her photo from a small dog rescue on Facebook and fell in love with the little Shih Tzu girl who had lost an eye. "Just like you did when you saw Quinn's photo, right momma?" Puff asked. "Just like that. Dragon and Sen-ge and Zoe and Thurber were destined to have a new little sister."

Candace has resisted the pull to add to their pack because of busy schedules and yes, a bit of fear of taking on yet more responsibility. But when she read Phoenix's story of being injured so that her eye had to be removed and her previous owners' disregard for her care, Candace and Gregg both knew that they had time and room in their hearts and home for this special pup.

The WDA and all of their friends cheered them on. We started putting together a new baby basket and watched for news of the arrival date. Gregg and Candace are wonderful dog parents and there was no doubt that their application would be approved without a moment's hesitation. They made plans to travel to get her. Candace's exchanges with the people at the rescue were encouraging.

Then the other day, Candace shared the news that Phoenix's adoption had hit a stumbling block. The message she received from the rescue, "Hi Candace, I wanted to update you on Phoenix... She is become more and more fearful of people since her injury. She is fine with us but just goes ballistic with my volunteers, even if they give her some space and are gentle with her. I think that the best thing for her right now is to wait before being adopted. She nipped at one of my volunteer today. She has long brown hair like her previous owner and she is terrified of her. Another of my volunteers is a trainer/pet sitter and she is willing to foster her for awhile and help her get over her fear of people." This message left her heartbroken.

The WDA has encouraged Candace not to give up hope; that Phoenix just needs a little more help overcoming the trauma before she is ready to come home to Dragon and Sen-ge and be part of her family. The rescue did not say Phoenix is not adoptable. YoYoMa suggested they just keep a dialog going so that little girl will know that someone who loves her is waiting and will patiently give her the time she needs to be truly ready to come.  Then he looked at me and asked, "Remember, you told me that you felt like I was never coming home? When the rescuer kept saying I wasn't ready? You were so afraid that I would NEVER come to be part of the Army. I bet Candace feels like that."

Nuka had a good suggestion for Candace as well: "Send Phoenix a toy/treat basket and one of your t-shirts so she can dream of the perfect forever home waiting for her. that way, when the time comes, she will already be comfortable with your scent." "Great idea!" White Dog applauded.

"Their hearts are already connected. Like mine was to yours, momma, when you first saw my deathrow photo and moved heaven and earth to bring me home. I knew you would do it...and Phoenix in her heart knows Candace will soon bring her home, too."

We ask for a little positive Power of the Paw to help calm Phoenix's fears enough so that the rescue feels she is ready to begin a wonderful new life with our friends...as an Honorary White Dog.


haopee said...

Awww, that was a brilliant idea. I think Phoenix would love to have a shirt that will remind her of what's waiting for her once she gets better.

Besides, the word Phoenix does go hand in hand with rebirth right? So perhaps the baby is simply taking its time inside the egg. And once it comes out, it'll be the prettiest bird (err, dog) in the entire world.

Brian said...

We shall send comforting purrs to dear Phoenix. I hope the comfort comes quickly.