May 5, 2013

White Dog led the charge with her joyful yip, "BONUS!" as she ran ahead of YoYoMa, Puff and Steve to Hidden Park. a little neighborhood pocket park that few know about. Yo and Puff picked up their pace and followed in excitement.

Momentum and Steve's distraction of looking for White Dog carried them several yards into the Park before Steve realized his fatal error.

WD, freshly groomed on Friday, was in the middle of the park, legs flailing as she rolled. He looked down to see YoYoMa, who also had a spa day, roaching and shimmying on the ground next to him. Both were in bliss and neither was listening to his pleas to "Stop!" and to "Come!"

The park had been recently (probably just yesterday) been spread with fresh manure to fertilize it.

Puff, who usually will--and does--roll in anything vile was tugging and pulling to go back to the car. She was more interested in the bulk bag of freshly baked dog cookies that they had bought at our favorite pet Emporium before they stopped for a little exercise...although a run was more what Steve had in mind, not this. Manure holds no glamour when it is past duck jerky time, there are treats close at hand, and you are simply famished.

When you have a dad who loves you enough to buy your favorite mint cookies AND take you to roll in manure, you know life just cannot get better. Hope your weekend was as filled with happy moments.


Random Felines said...

oh well - at least the WDA had fun :)

Agnes B. Bullock said...

We want to roll in the manure too!

Brian said...

Careful gang, y'all don't want to become the Brown Dog Army!

Keisha said...

Cookies! Wow. :)