May 6, 2013

White Dog told the others, "Momma had dreams that we had cows living in the backyard and now we have to get baths. She's crazy but has that look, I'll distract her. Everybody hide!"

"Excuse me?" i asked as I gathered White Dog into my arms and took off her collar. Steve was in the bathroom preparing the bath. "Maybe my cow dreams had something to do with a certain White One pressed up against me who felt the need earlier to roll in manure and her partner in crime lying on the side of the bed adding a special perfume to the air."

"But dad brushed us," YoYoMa protested. "You still stink."

The pile of wet towels grew as first WD and then her brother were sudsed and rinsed then released to me for a final sniff test. "Much better!" I applauded as I dried and fluffed ruffs.

Steve was just shutting down the tub when I called out, "Not yet, you have a new customer."  Oso had just walked by to crow about Yo's situation when I noticed the Little Man was not his tidiest. I swooped him up and looked closer.

It appeared that OAWD had misjudged his need and had consequently managed to coat his underside with yellow wetness. Strangely, he also had a golden sheen along his right leg and hip. "How do you think THAT happened," Steve asked as he took the next cleaning candidate into the tub. "Let your imagination run wild, you are a boy!"

"Thank dog he is small," I called, "I am just about out of dry towels." With that Nuka, Puff and Quinn came out of hiding and dared to ask about breakfast.


Amit Parashar said...
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Brian said...

I think that bath thing, with real water, is something you all secretly like!

Sagira said...

The after bath zoomies are the best. :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

and after a bath-- your sooo squeaky clean!