June 2, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army are celebrating Cancer Survivor Day today.  From two- and four-legged family members to close friends, everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. On Sunday, June 2, 2013, thousands of people around the world will gather to observe the 26th annual National Cancer Survivors Day. Hundreds of communities across the U.S. and abroad will hold celebrations on this day to honor cancer survivors and show that there is life after a cancer diagnosis – and it’s worth celebrating.

The biggest celebration, the WDA knows will come on the day when the evil c monster is defeated and no longer finds a foothold in any creature... and we know that day WILL come. For now, we celebrate every survivor as another voice added to the roar that shouts, "YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED cancer! YOU WILL NOT WIN!"

On this day we take time to remember and honor, too, those Warrior Heroes who struggled hard and with valor who were lost to this horrible disease that takes too many and breaks too many hearts. We promise they will not have died in vain. Every loss is chiseled on our hearts and pushes us harder and moves forward what we know about this assassin.

Join the White Dog Army today to cheer for our victories and to pay tribute to the fallen...and to recommit ourselves to NEVER give up until cancer is no more. Are you with us? 


haopee said...

Cheers to the survivors. May all of you have a long and happy life with your loved ones.

Brian said...

Hooray for the survivors everywhere and for totally defeating that evil disease.

Sagira said...

Hooray for the survivors! :)

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, we're with you. Cancer, you suck! Be off with you and never come back! Remembering our boy Oscar and how much our family loved him. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory