July 21, 2013

White Dog looked at me in disbelief but the others were already heading toward the door. Quinn opened an eye and looked up from his nap under the swamp cooler breeze, "I think I want to just rest" he decided. Every pup had been extraordinarily well behaved during the monthly Paws To People Board of Directors meeting which takes place in our living room and as a reward we were going to the Park! It was summer warm but not crazy hot and we chose the park with nice shade.

To make up for initial doubt, White Dog was the first to leap out of Pumpkin when we arrived and took off in large circles of zoomies as Steve helped YoYoMa and Puff on to the grass. WD startled herself and the young couple lying on a blanket unseen on the far side of a stand of evergreens when she careened around the corner and discovered them too late to stop or swerve. In an instant she bunched her muscles and leaped over them! At first shocked, they were amazed and delighted as they came around to meet the white comet that had flown over them.

YoYoMa and Puff enjoyed a pleasant canter around the park. Yo always seems to know when they are getting close to the van. He picks up his pace and if I call his name, he practically drags Steve and his sister back to thrust his head in my heads for an ear rub and greeting.

Nuka was sprawled on the way back seat like a diva with the breeze wafting on her furs. She was fast asleep. So Steve and Oso took a nice stroll together that allowed our little investigator to stop and closely examine the pine needles...the smells on a marking tree...and the young couple who wondered laughingly if they need to fear HIS leaping over them.

Nuka, our deaf girl, perked right up when Steve asked, "Who would like some ice cream?" Her tail thumped on the seat as we drove to the shoppe and Steve went inside. All of the White Dog Army peered into the store watching as Steve ordered then carried out the cups of frosty yumminess. White Dog and I shared our favorite combination...pistachio and coconut. Steve and the others shared strawberry, vanilla, and peanut butter swirl.

Back home, Quinn got to enjoy his own scoop of vanilla from the freezer even though Puff kept insisting that it would be VERY brotherly of him to share with her. "You, my dear, have already had yours! Let Quinn enjoy his treat." Steve reasoned with her before giving up and just capturing her in his arms until Quinn was through.


Kari in Alaska said...

Sounds like a great outing to me!

Stop on by for a visit

Alien said...

A perfect day!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ice cream makes the day perfect for sure!