July 23, 2013

White Dog was already up with Steve when the phone rang early this morning and she came rushing back to leap on the bed and waken me. Gregg, Dragon, Sen-ge and Zoe's hu-dad, was in the hospital. He had experienced a heart attack in the wee hours but was recovering without damage. As Steve talked on the phone both WD and I strained to hear both sides of the conversation. When Candace got him to Emergency, his heart was inflamed and the artery was 99% squeezed off. They put in a shunt and were able to nearly totally reopen the passageway. His chances for a total recovery are very very good.

Gregg suffers from Crohn's disease which is a chronic illness of inflammation. The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful as he has dealt with his dog, Thurber's diagnosis of cancer, the failure of treatment to slow its progress and the decision to help their boy beyond his pain. There have also been extended family issues to contend with and life's usual pressures. The combination was nearly deadly.

White Dog and the White Dog Army, who were now all awake and gathered with us, bowed their heads as they silently asked the Universe to protect our dearest heart family member. Then Puff looked up in fear.

"Dad, you aren't going to have a heart attack, are you?" She asked. "You work so hard and are always dealing with so many things." Hearing her words, the WDA pressed against Steve nervously trying to form a shield of protection. "Please do not get all worked up with worry. I try very hard to stay balanced and I long ago learned that I cannot do everything nor can everything be a number one priority. I eat right and exercise and I have all of you to make sure I stay healthy," he reassured her.

"Yes, but..." Quinn started as Steve sat on the floor and drew them into his arms. "There are no buts. And there are no guarantees. We do the best we can and reduce our risks and live each moment fully. I have LOTS of reasons to live, especially each of the six of you..." "And momma," Quinn added. "And momma." confirmed Steve, "I believe together we still have a mission to accomplish and so there is no need to be scared that I will be leaving you any time soon." They all huddled together so closely as to be one being.

Tonight we will visit Gregg in the hospital and fill his heart with the loving healing energies sent by the White Ones. We will wrap arms around Candace and send gentle woos to their four-legged pack because when you are part of a family everyone hurts when you do. Then we will come home and hold the Army close as we drink in the joy of each other and send out our gratitude for another day together.

White Dog, The Other White Dog, Another White Dog, Still Another White Dog, Yet Another White Dog and Oh! Another White Dog ask you to take time tonight to do the same...because there are no guarantees.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We will do the same with you- because your words are true. There is no guarantee.
The gift from the Universe for each day- is something to be thankful for.

rottrover said...

Sending POTP to Gregg. And Candice.

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Kari in Alaska said...

Sending Gregg and family our love

Stop on by for a visit

Brian said...

We are all sending Greg our best purrs and prayers and we are so glad quick action made for a better outcome.

meowmeowmans said...

We are very sorry to hear about Gregg. We, too, send love, purrs, prayers and healing energy.