July 31, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday
White Dog and I were taking stock of the month just ending. July was not particularly kind to our heart family; first Thurber was savaged with such a virulent cancer that he was helped over the Rainbow Bridge shortly after diagnosis; then Gregg had a heart attack; and now Nuka is gripped once again by a severe pancreatitis attack...and Becks needs major dental work.

We cannot wait to turn the calendar page to August, full of birthdays to celebrate, events to participate in, and Michael's final year of school. The WDA is keen to discover what lies ahead...and we sense it will be good.

"But July had good, even great, moments, too," White Dog reminded. And of course, my wise girl is right. Thanks to the prayers and healing energies of our Blog family and others, we are weathering our latest attack of sickies valiantly and are making progress. Quinn is just about eating normally again, is perky and walking well with no manic episodes. Oso is our Little Engine That Could; after a few days of runny nose and tummy gurgles, he is back on track.

Nuka is responding well to Dr. Julia's aggressive treatment of her pancreatitis, which is a relief. My 19lb. girl (down 2lbs since May) cannot afford a lengthy battle with not eating; she is skin and bones now. WD and I were about to cheer about the success of the past two days of supplementing her normal routine with IV hydration and specialty vet food... (This, in addition to the fact she has continued to eat kibble and drink water at home)...when Nuka walked into the office and upchucked. She is sleeping now, but I will try again later to see if she will eat. (Paws crossed that she just ate too fast). The plan is to not do the vet extras on Thursday to see how she fares and then to load up on Friday to put her in the best position for the weekend. Thank you all for helping direct and adding to our girl's healing powers.

July marked Paws To People's, Bridges To Cures public debut. The My Dog and Me Health Fair disseminated important information and was well received. P2P has discovered an additional rallying point as we fight for an end to catastrophic diseases through furthering comparative studies research..."Good health and fitness are every pet's first best line of defense against disease!" It is a message we will continue to deliver.

We had some adversity and some sad time during this month of hot and weird weather but never for a moment were we without the love of each other and the encouragement of our friends. We never doubted that despite July's clouds and storms that our world is wonderful and blessed. Thank you for helping us keep perspective.

And now, onward to see what August holds!


Jo's World said...

Our ten paws are all clasped together hoping for Nuka to make another successful recovery. We can't wait to hear the good news that this is so.

Wishing you and the White Dog Army a very happy and healthy August.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

24 Paws of Love said...

July was a tough one for us too. Hubby and I are looking forward to the new month.

Prays for Nuka and Quinn and Oso that they all do better and feel better soon!

rottrover said...

Here's to a smoother August. Paws remain crossed for the good health of the entire WDA!

Brian said...

Yes, let's all cheer for a wonderful August!

meowmeowmans said...

Well said, dear friends. We love that the WDA always finds the silver linings, no matter what. Here's to an August full of blessings and celebrations.