August 1, 2013

White Dog touched me with her paw and said, "I feel things changing, Momma! Just be open and feel it." August started off horribly Nuka wold not eat; neither would Quinn or Oso. Michael burned his breakfast and the entire house stank of scorched eggs and toast that had become charcoal. It was humid. And Steve and I got into a tiff. Not so much better than July, I complained.

But I trust the Little White Dog of My Heart and I let her lead me out to the front porch where we sat together and watched the hummingbirds. She rested her head in my lap as I calmed my breathing and let go of the negative energy. After a while, she hopped down from the sofa and went inside. She returned with Steve at her side and he asked if he could join us.

We talked through the issue as the rest of the White Dog Army crowded in the doorway, watching. When we went back inside, we developed a new strategy for the non-eaters.Those who had not eaten would not get treats during the afternoon. At dinner we would mix the wet specialty food Dr. Julia has been feeding Nuka with her kibble, 50-50. Quinn and Oso would get rice and broth.

Dinner was a rousing success! in fact all three WDA members asked for seconds (we had cautiously given small portions). For round two we reduced the amount of wet food and added more kibble to Nuka's dish and switched Quinn to kibble and wet food instead of rice. Oso ate a bit more rice with a tablespoon of wet food. Again, eagerly devoured and cleaned bowls.

Lots of water drinking was happening and everyone was alert and active. This, on a day when Nuka had not gone to Dr. Julia's for extras. White Dog was right, things seemed to be changing for the better."

And our Paws To People proposal to collaborate with the nursing students at Steve's college to hold a My Dog and Me HOT Dogs and Music afternoon in late September was enthusiastically accepted by the nurses and the school. The barbecue and concert will be supplemented with a bake sale by the nurses, booths to have human blood pressure readings and pup lymph node checks, some select vendors. August was feeling more promising.

Steps toward the WDA getting back its full health is wonderful...and seeing progress even more encouraging. The response Paws To People, Bridges To Cures gets each time we reach out continues to amaze me. And tomorrow is Coral's birthday so the August birthday train leaves the station.

As I cuddled White Dog before sleep, I had to admit August was looking pretty good.


Jo's World said...

That you and the White Dog came to grips with August is no surprise for me. It seems like what you do best!

How exciting that your plan with the young nurses worked out so well! HAppy as can be for you.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy sends loving head bumps all around!

Mr. Pip said...

The event with the nurses sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hear more about how it goes.

Your pal, Pip

Brian said...

I totally know y'all will rock August!