July 7, 2013

White Dog hopped up on the bed to say good morning. I rubbed her tummy and coo'd my usual morning greeting to The Little White Dog of My Heart...only it sounded more like "gub mor-achoo! seafood mubby!"
and then a burst of coughing.

"Still under the weather I see," replied my daemon who turned her head as I inhaled for another sneeze. "Yuck, that is one tissue I wouldn't chew even if you gave it to me!" my normally psychotic kleenex eater said afterward.

Steve came in. "Thought I heard you up!" "You are such a smoozer," White Dog said to him. "The entire block can hear she is up!"

"Shoo my lub, how amb I goin to finice my pwesenshaion?" "Your what? Oh, the presentation. Hummmm."

Next Saturday is the very first public event sponsored by Paws To People, Bridges To Cures, the non-profit we started to carry forward our fight against cancer through comparative research...AND to guarantee that the money donated actually got to research. It has been several months of getting structured, filing appropriate paperwork, getting certifications. July 13th, next Saturday, we are sponsoring a My Dog and Me Health Fair to launch our organization public face.

The free event will focus on the most basic step in fighting disease...good health. While it is not a guarantee against catastrophic disease, a healthy furbaby is in a better position to fight and win. Therefore, we structured an afternoon workshop lead by vets, canine health experts, and our own team to share information about diet, exercise, hydration, dental health, mental fitness, stress, and the c monster. We have worked hard to put together a pet-friendly afternoon that will send everyone home with some fresh perspectives, great ideas, and some surprises.

My presentation on mental health and stress is a PowerPoint slide show featuring the White Dog Army who illustrate my voice over discussion of the topic. The slides are done but I still needed to complete the sound portion. The upcoming week promises to be overflowing with details and things to do, so that had to be completed...today...the day I sounded like a stubbed up fwog.

I was visited by Puff, my little 86-year-old fighter. She had been elected to be my Vince Lombardi. "You can do this momma. It is only a little over 5 minutes of talking. Like you tell me, put your mind to it and you can do anything!"

There is nothing like being challenged by your Pack to step up to the plate. It became a matter of pride. I called Steve. "geb ewrey ting set up cuz I'll only have a libble window. Leb's doo this!"

Hot steamy shower while sucking on a menthol cough drop. Brushing teeth and tongue and roof of mouth and down my throat. Gargle with Listerine. "Test One, Two!" Deep breaths in the lingering steam and then...

"Clear the way! Let's rock this!" I ran out of the bathroom and plopped down before the microphone. Hit record. Got halfway through the script and flubbed the line. Whispered HBO word. I knew I only had one or two run throughs before I gunked up again. Nailed it on the second try! Steve hugged me and said, "now I just have to sync up the slide speed to match your reading, which was nice and clear and even by the way." Inside I shouted woohoo and stayed long enough to hear the first playback (which sounded at least passable)!

I opened the door to the office to see the entire WDA crowded into the hallway, obviously listening in. "Thanks everyone for NOT singing along," I said. "We knew you could do it," Puff replied. "And now," White Dog took charge once again, "you must go drink some hot tea and go back to fighting the sickies. Nice job, momma!"


meowmeowmans said...

Way to battle through that cold, Sue (with inspiration from the wonderful WDA)! Now go get some rest, and feel better soon, okay? Hugs!

Jo's World said...

I'll say Nice Job too and I hope you manage to get to the function, will you?

Good luck on your opener!


Brian said...

We sure hope the next sound you hear will be the arrival of All Better!