July 8, 2013

White Dog started the day the way she has for the past three mornings...by sitting on my chest and sniffing my eyeballs. "I am starting to feel better," I told her, "Life is going back to non-sickies normal!" "Let ME be the one who determines that," my bossy White One said and then left to share her exam results with the rest of the White Dog Army.

"but I AM feeling better!" I whined to myself and quiet as possible cleared my sinuses with a good blow.

My health team came in and sat around me. I looked at them, waiting for their pronouncement. "How about this," I said deciding to take the offensive lead. "I'll go back to my usual routine and if things feel bad, I'll rest?"

Six white heads shook "No" in unison. "Once you get going you will NOT admit to feeling bad and consequently won't go back to resting," WD replied. (I hate that the Little White Dog of My Heart sees through me so well; but then again she IS her momma's girl and would do exactly the same)!

"Here's the plan," Oso stepped forward. "You must rest after breakfast and take a nap with us this afternoon." "When dad leaves for night class we will assess how you are feeling," Nuka continued. Quinn took over, "And if all is good you can work until our dinner time and then take a break." "And then if you are not tired or coughing," Puff explained..."You can work until dad gets home from class," YoYoMa finished.

"And we WILL be watching you!" WD made clear. "So no tricks or arguments! You cannot afford a relapse; the Health Fair is only four days away! How would it look if the organizer for the HEALTH Fair was SICK?"

"OK, I get it. I promise to behave."

Quinn and Nuka were chosen to take the first watch when Steve left...


Brian said...

That sure is the Nursing A-Team! Get better soon!!!

rottrover said...

We expect a full report on her behavior AND attitude, WDA!

Bart, Ruby and Otto who watched mom like hawks while she was sick offur the weekend...

Hansel said...

hoping you feel better soon dear one, i am sure the army will keep you safe and warm (like you need to stay warm!) and not sicky.

Kari in Alaska said...

Oh I wish I had my nursing a team

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