July 9, 2013

White Dog thinks she can outsmart me, does she? Well...I may be old and slow but I am the one who taught her everything she knows.

Early this morning I heard WD and Steve go outside to water plants and do outside things. The others were all still fast asleep (I checked, not wanting to get ratted out by one of the Army). I counted to ten and then innocently strolled to the bathroom where, with water running to mask the sound, I blew and blew until I was drained. Then I brushed my teeth and gargled. I tested my voice by singing a little happy morning song. Checked my forehead...cool and dry. I snuck back to bed and adjusted the blankets. Then I pretended to be asleep.

A short time later I felt White Dog hop up on the bed for her morning exam. I turned over and sat up, embracing her before she could sniff. "Good morning my little ray of sunshine! How are you this lovely day?" I sang out and kissed her on the nose (she hates that). She moved her snooter toward me. "Here take a good whiff," I said turning my head so she could easily reach my eyes. "Feeling like I could do cartwheels this morning!"

"Momma I think is feeling better but there might be some kind of mental side effect," I heard her tell the White Dog Army. "She thinks she can turn cartwheels!" "I think she is speaking figuratively," Steve interjected. "Thank dog," said Quinn, "she could hurt herself!"

"Come on staff, write my release from needing nursing. I am feeling GREAT! We are wasting time that we could use to go for a ride to the park and then have an early lunch." I sang out to them.

"Really?" "She seems to be OK" "Even if she is not 100% the fresh air might be good." "I wonder what she has in mind for lunch?" "I think she is good to go; I would like to get out myself." "Can we, dad?"

Steve came in followed by the long White Line. "If we say yes, where do you want to go for lunch and will you promise to take a nap when we get back?" he asked.

"I want cold shrimp salad from the Mexican seafood place, we can sit under the big shade tree on the patio. And We will be so stuffed when we get home that a siesta will be necessary anyway, so sure I'll take a nap!"

The WDA looked at each other. I saw subtle communication with ears and tails as they reached a decision. "OK, she's cured," they agreed. "Let's go!"

YES!!! I am free at last...AND get a shrimpy lunch!!!!!!!


Random Felines said...

yeah....release (even if you have to mess with the WDA)!!!

Brian said...

The Army will make sure all is well before they let you get back to normal. Bravo team!

meowmeowmans said...

YAY! Release AND shrimpy goodness? Sounds like a perfect WDA kind of day to us. :)

Ginger Jasper said...

Once again we have been very remiss at visiting and didn't realise you have been ill. Glad to read you are feeling better. Shrimp lunch sounds wonderful. Hugs GJ x

Kari in Alaska said...

Glad you are finally feeling better

Stop on by for a visit