August 12, 2013

White Dog awaited the Quinn Update less than patiently. She woke us at 6am by knocking the phone off of the bedstand and looking pointedly at it. When we visited the ICU last night, Quinn was drugged to unconsciousness and still in grave danger. It was made worse by the fact that he was in a bottom crate and slept way in the back; while Steve and Michael could get down on the floor and sort of crawl in to pet and touch him, I in my wheelchair could not.

Dr. Russman told us then that she would be in this morning (on her day off) at around 8am to check on The Other White Dog. She also told us that they would call in the night if there was a change.

No call was a good thing I told White Dog and she I watched the numbers change on the clock. At 8am Steve dialed the hospital. Dr. Russman cheered as she told us that she had gotten Quinn to eat and that he was awake. It still had not been 24 hours since his last seizure so she was cautious in her prognosis, but did tell us that she had sent all of her notes to our Dr. Julia and that they would talk this a.m.

The entire Army gathered as I next dialed Dr. Julia's office. Yes, they had the notes and reports on Quinn. The vet was in with an emergency of their own so I talked to Cindy, her amazing Number One. Together we put together a plan for us to pick Quinn up from the Emergency Hospital at 11am (making it exactly 24 hours since the last attack, it things held) and to transfer him to our vet. Dr. Julia would spend the day with our boy observing and slowly weaning him off of the IV drip. They would then make the transition to oral meds. If all continued to go well, Quinn (armed with tools and meds we might need in crisis) could come home tonight.

The WDA frenzied with excitement that Quinn was coming home. They have been lost without their Pack Brother, especially Quinn's Mini-Me, Oso, and his nurturing caregiver, Nuka. Both have guarded Quinn's special spaces and paced the doorway watching for him. Puff's nervousness and stress have been high enough that we are watching her for signs that a little oxygen therapy might be needed.

Steve and I made the transfer.  The best part was that during the move I got to hold My Mighty One. The feeling of him pressed against my shoulder was soul filling. I cried into his fur and told him over and over how wonderful it was just to have him in my arms. He was cognitive and recognized us and happily took the piece Steve had saved from his cinnamon roll just for him (one of his favorites).
We were met at the door by Dr. Julia, Cindy and Coral (who took my boy gently from my arms and kissed his head). We handed over the packet of doctor-to-doctor info Dr. Russman had sent and Dr. Julia mentioned that they had already spoken. Quinn is there now and it is a rare light day in the clinic so it is quiet. I am confident that my boy is in the best place right now. 
If My Miracle boy comes home tonight the WDA will be overjoyed. But Quinn will not be out of the woods. The further away we get from this cluster attack, the better, but there is the delicate dance of learning to read new signs of Grand Mal seizures and finding the balance of a new drug protocol. And there is always the brain tumor; hopefully it responds to the steroids which are being given to reduce possible inflammation.
The scary thing is that there are no definite numbers or concrete targets to use a mile markers...it is more a matter of  if it works, we know we did the right thing! I would prefer the comfort of solid irrefutable answers from someone who could GUARANTEE the results. Steve laughs and tells me that when I get that name, to be sure to let him know...Meanwhile, I guess I must live with the uncertainty and mortality that is life. I try not to be fearful but you all know the WDA is getting LOTS of extra hugs and "I love yous" right now. Today, please, take an extra minute to tell those you love just how much they mean to you...do it for Quinn...do it for me.
Thanks for walking this journey and so many others with us. It is your love and support and prayers that make our lives a series of blessings and miracles. We will keep you updated.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

We have something for y'all on our blog. We are crossing our legs for your Quinn.
Sally Ann and Andy

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Praying our paws off for our Mighty Quinn

meowmeowmans said...

We are with you, dear friends, every step of the way. And we are armed with love, hugs, purrs and prayers.

Brian said...

We all send our mighty purrs and prayers to that Mighty Quinn and we hope all is well really soon.

Sagira said...

Oh gosh! I'm so sorry to hear Quinn isn't feeling well.sending lots of god thoughts your way

Jo's World said...

All of this is so serious and scary, Mighty Quinn. We are just praying for your recovery, and that it LASTS.

Your pals,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

rottrover said...

We are with you all. Hoping Quinn is home now.

Ginger Jasper said...

It is so awful that you are having to walk this path with your beloved Quinn. I took a little heart today with the update and the news that Quinn is responding to the meds and care. I will breath a little easier when I know you have got your boy home where he belongs and in the middle of the loving white dog army. I know you have a long battle ahead and am so sending love, thoughts and prayers your way.Much love Carol, Barrie and GJ x

nancyturtle said...

Holding my breathe for Quinn's return home.

haopee said...

Oh, Mom. This sounds so awful. I just read the more present post and am glad he is home.

I was saddened when you weren't able to hold him when he was at the bottom crate, but it reminded me of how much our current vet charges per night. The cages don't look so well and the room is hot. It must be awful for a dog to stay there without seeing his pack.