August 14, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army amaze me with their watchful interaction with Quinn. These past few days have convinced me that dogs are far more compassionate and caring than we give them credit for being. They all seem to understand that Quinn wants life to carry on around him and they provide that BUT have made subtle shifts in the routine to accommodate his situation. They sing the WDA song to the mailman and the delivery truck drivers but I have noticed White Dog gauging the intensity and fervor based on Quinn’s tremoring...when he begins to physically react, she quickly calls an end to the excitement. The treat time line now has a break in it so The Other White Dog can see and anticipate the coming treat as the purple bag comes out and I count the strips for distribution (and yes, he is still heartily enjoying this WDA favorite...even if Steve must deliver it to him).

The entire Army maintains a vigil to make sure TOWD is comfortable and pain-free. They form a protective circle and regularly approach him, slowly gently, to touch noses. Puff is his watcher/guardian; she lies near and always makes sure she can clearly read his body language. Oso, Quinn’s mini-me, is having the hardest time understanding. He wants to climb over and walk on his brother like in the normal days. Nuka, ever Quinn’s keeper and best friend, alternates between wanting to be as close as possible and hiding in fear. Michael has been more compassionate and gentle than I ever thought him capable of; he is afraid of losing the rescue who joined us right after he did and who taught him how to love.

YoYoMa has been the most amazing for his balance has to be the most delicate. Quinn is, even before these days, easily spooked by his younger, more vital brother who sometimes blunders into him or somehow casts a shadow of fear. It is not that Yo does anything provocative, and it is not always (often in the past they have slept side-by-side next to me). YoYoMa is smart enough to know that looming over the recumbent Quinn even to offer comfort would be mistaken. He has figured out that he can lay a body length away and stretch out his paw to touch Quinn’s; if he does not make eye contact and remains still, Quinn calmly appreciates the gesture.

A Wednesday Update on My Mighty Quinn: Thank you all so much for your love and support. On Tuesday Quinn tried to stand! He did for a second with Steve's help but was then exhausted. Asked for duck jerky from his pallet this afternoon at treat time. No seizures still but still LOTS of neurological activity (twitching, foot shaking, face stuff). But his eyes have been bright and when Steve took him outside just a bit ago he actually took a few steps with Steve lightly supporting him. Started him on corticosteroid which research suggests might in conjunction with the keppra lessen the pressure on the brain. There is a possibility that the neurologic stuff is directly related to that. Steve removed the catheter from his leg (like a pro) so he is not bandaged anymore. He is eating like crazy, drinking with help and excreting properly.

But things took a turn for the worse late in the evening when the tremors became more uncontrollable. Five valium did not provide relief from the nonstop body movement. This does not bode well and I feel that the time is upon us...we will see what the night holds.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Quinn is fighting hard. And miracles do happen. We will all keep on sending loving vibes and prayers to our boy.....and to you too.

ra husky said...

Your Wyoming huskerboo furiends are all sending their good energy and are keeping vigil with wooos.

RA, Isis & NanĂ¼k

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no, we are so behind in news we weren't aware poor Quinn has been going through so much. Purrs and pawtaps for all of you.

Jeanne Pursell said...

We are so very sorry to hear about Quinn!! We have been very behind in catching up on blogs and were not aware that Quinn was having problems. We will being praying hard for Quinn to rally!! Hugs to Mom and Dad too!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

WE are here for your family.
Much Love,
Mama Mindy & The Slimmer Puggums

Brian said...

Hugs and love from all of us.