August 2, 2013

White Dog forgot to be mad that SHE didn't get to go; that's how upset she was with my "flagrant disregard for meeting my blogging responsibilities." By now most of you have figured out I am not a photographer and rely on my storytelling abilities to paint a picture with words. "But Dad was there TOO!" White Dog interrupted, "And he has that fancy do everything phone with a camera and the ability to make MOVIES!"

"Mea culpa, Sweet One. But there are no images but I shall share the happy story..."

Nuka went to Dr. Julia's this morning for a half day of IV fluids and "supercharging" in preparation for the weekend when the office is closed and the Army typically chooses to have health crises. This proactive approach will prevent an emergency situation by shoring up the great progress she has been making to fight the pancreatitis attack...or so we hope.

We picked her up at noon and headed to the family home of our friend, Coral, who also happens to be Quinn's and Nuka's massage therapist. Today is her 40th Birthday and her wonderful parents were hosting a party in the evening which we could not attend because of Steve's teaching schedule. Coral's parents insisted that we come by earlier in the day so we could share in the celebration. The plan was to keep Nuka in the doggy buggy where she could sleep and not be an imposition.

Their yard was a New Mexican paradise with a full outdoor kitchen, covered patio and huge yard shaded by an ancient oak tree. There was plush velvety green grass! Immediately we were told that there was "no way" we were going to keep Nuka from enjoying the hospitality of such a yard and she was placed on the grass under the tree. A bowl of cool fresh water was delivered to her side.

Since Nuka has been fighting this current attack her walking has been unsteady and she has been more inclined to lie quietly than to exercise much. My little ragdoll as I have been calling her just sort of melts into the ground.

But as the humans talked and ate on the patio Nuka hoisted herself to her feet and began exploring! I could tell she loved the cool grass under her feet and the big tree's cover to protect against the heat of the sun. She strolled and sniffed and tasted an acorn (quickly dropped). Then she rested for a brief bit before more steadily getting up again. It was magical to see her in action for nearly two hours before she had exhausted herself and settled peacefully to sleep in the shade.

When we returned home, Another White Dog heartily ate a full bowl of kibble and wet food mix and drank LOTS of water before settling on the front room floor to regale her siblings with scenes from the social event of the year by her account. They listened a little jealously and looked at me for confirmation. Nuka? Being social with strangers? At a strange place? And walking around with vigor? Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!


Brian said...

Oh my, that was wonderful and made all of us smile too!

Jo's World said...

Wonderful, Nuka and you had a good time!


Random Felines said...

Yeah Nuka!! we are sending purrs for a VERY uneventful weekend

Little Reufus said...

O Nuka!!! I deu lubbs that story!!! Yeur Mom paints images with her words that are far better than pictures!

Lubbs teu yeu all from Little Reufus

haopee said...

Oh Nuka... get all better. And I totally agree that prevention is better than cure. Hugs.