September 14, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army send their strongest positive energies and strength to those communities north in our state and in Colorado who are dealing with the flooding and devastation brought by the heavy rains that have been assaulting our region with a daily fury for more than a week. Our hearts are filled with hope that they will get some relief and our paws are around our friends to provide comfort and safety.

Albuquerque has been hit by these rains as well and we have suffered road washouts in the historic parts of town that still have dirt roads and the Rio Grande is fuller than in any time in recent memory (but it has not yet spilled over its banks). We have had some sinkholes to the North and farmers in many areas, especially on Pueblo land face the loss of ready crops (this is harvest season) due to the intensity of the weather.

It is a blessing and a curse, this rain. For the first year in over a decade 2013 will not be marked as a year of drought. In just this month we have had rainfall that equals of normal yearly amount. The starving reservoirs are being somewhat restored and northern communities who were bringing in water by tanker have been literally saved.

The stories from the North of horses out for summer pasture being trapped by the raging waters fill us with fear for not just them but for the wildlife of the area. We pray that they are protected by a compassionate and loving Universe. We worry for friends, family and loved ones, especially in Colorado who are being forced to evacuate their homes and who have lost essentials like drinkable water and electricity because of nature's wrath.

Today we were thankful that though it was grey, we had a respite from the unrelenting drops, but then late tonight the lightning flashed more searing that the noon sun and thunder rumpled and shook the calm of the WDA. In no time we were once again being lashed with rain that pounded on the roof and against the windows while the usually stoic Army huddled tightly against Steve and White Dog tried to melt into my leg. For nearly three hours we were punished; here we are used to storms that last minutes, not hours and storm systems that pass in a few hours not linger for weeks.

Join us tonight as we ask the Universe to bless those in need of shelter from the storms. Too much of a good thing quickly becomes no longer good...and we have reached that point.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Universe
Please hear me.
You are mighty.
You are big.
Please take care of all the animals and peoples that are crying out to you.
Please send some calming energy to show us that you heard my prayer.
I know you will.

Jeanne Pursell said...

We are totally in agreement with you as we have many friends and family in the state of Colorado! Our hearts go out to all those in harm's way. All we can do is pray for the rain to cease! We sure do hope for relief! Stay safe! Xo Chloe and LadyBug

Amber DaWeenie said...

Mother Nature is very upset and is letting everyone know about it. We join in comforting prayers for all those affected by the endless rain.

Anonymous said...

we live in Nor Calif and have been watching; terrible conditions for all animals and peeps